Thursday, January 30, 2014

Miranda Kay Levy's Return to the Runway!

Miranda Kay Levy, a midwestern-based fashion designer who appeared on Season 12 of Project Runway, is about to return to the runway! Miranda will be joined by other Project Runway designers, including Peach Carr and Angela Bacskocky. Miranda and Angela have both appeared on this blog and I'm truly excited to see what Miranda has up her (fabulous) sleeves.

Here's what Miranda has to say about the upcoming event:

With a month to go, more than half of the reserved seating tickets for #returntotherunway are already sold. These will probably be sold out by the night of the event. Don't get caught standing in high heels all evening... get your tickets today!

Monday, January 27, 2014

Listen to a New Interview with Project Runway's Elena Slivnyak

You've seen her creations on Tyra Banks and Lady Gaga, and you've seen her on two seasons of Project Runway.

Listen in to my interview with Project Runway's avant garde fashion designer Elena Slivnyak. Elena talks her love for animals, her advice for older fashionistas and how that how Lady Gaga thing came about.


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