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Dmitry Sholokhov: Game of Thrones, Daft Punk and a Daring New Collection

Sexy. Daring. Insanely unique. All of these words describe Dmitry Sholokhov’s Spring/Summer 2014 collection, which he calls a ‘transition’ collection.

New York City-based Dmitry Sholokhov, of Project Runway fame, has slowly been building his fashion empire for many years before his appearance on the reality television show.  He’s created luxurious dresses, trousers and shirts and has long played with cutouts, sheer material and fringe details. When he was formally introduced to the world via Project Runway, he debuted a tasteful perspective on cocktail dresses and other pieces that fit perfectly in a working woman’s closet.

Now, though, with more than a year of whirlwind international recognition under his belt, Dmitry has created a collection that is daring, exciting and different from anything he’s shown the world before.

The SS2014 collection first sashayed into the world at Panama Fashion Week in late 2013, complete with dresses made for warrior queens, a menswear inspired black jacket worn as a top (with nothing underneath!) and a gold jacket with fabulous fringe sleeves. Perhaps most surprisingly, though, the collection includes splashes of delicate cotton candy pink and blue denim. While these two polarized styles might clash in less capable hands, here they connect, one after another, as if telling a story of a family of sisters. The common thread, of course, is the designer.

 (A dress made for the warrior party-girl princess in all of us)


In person, Dmitry is both gracious and graceful, standing a little taller than everyone else and possessing an old-world charm in manner and speech. At once professional and keenly intelligent, he’s also able to surprise you with a quick sense of disarming humor when least expected. He’s a conversationalist who truly knows a little about everything… from pop culture (Grumpy Cat! Game of Thrones!) to worldwide travel (Russia, Europe, dreamy beach locales) to spiritualism and beyond.

And he designs clothes that can be worn with confidence by women of a variety of sizes.

When I first met Dmitry for his Lord & Taylor presentation, the line of fans waiting to meet him all shared a similar palpable excitement to meet the designer. At Book Expo America 2013, when he was gracious enough to join me for a brief appearance, he was met around every corner with delight from fans who wanted to say hello or snap a picture. Dmitry’s fans are a varied lot, covering every corner of our little planet, but they’re also a creative lot, making gif images of some of his quips from Project Runway and fanart that pops up on Tumblr, Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. He’s inspired fan accounts on almost every social media platform, both because of his incredible talent for fashion and his affable personality.

I had the pleasure of catching up with Dmitry recently, to talk about his SS2014 collection. Read on to learn more about his inspiration, how you can purchase your own Dmitry Sholokhov piece, his least favorite Game of Thrones character and his love for Daft Punk…

It’s great to chat with you again, Dmitry. It’s been almost a year since I had you as a guest on my radio show. A lot has happened with you since then!  You showed your beautiful Spring 2014 collection at Panama Fashion Week, unleashing some really exciting new shapes on the world. You’ve said that Game of Thrones had a bit of an influence on you for this collection, and I can see some definite Daenerys-worthy pieces in it. Can you tell us how the show inspired you?

Hi Kendra, it’s always a pleasure! Yes, a lot happened since I won PR. I had an amazing and very busy year.

Panama was a great experience. I was invited to show my latest collection as VIP international guest designer.

The show was a great success. It turns out I have a lot of fans in Central and Latin America as well.

I love Game of Thrones, and the show was a starting point for my latest collection. I was inspired by the historic costumes with the fairytale flavor to them. And I wanted to create a collection that is wearable but special. I love what I did. I think the collection is modern, young and cool with the historic twist to it. And most important, it’s wearable!

Of course, many of your fans wanted me to ask you if you have a favorite character or characters from Game of Thrones!

I am obsessed with pretty much everyone; no big fan of Joffrey though!)

Oh God, right! Joffrey is only one of the most despicable characters in TV history. Okay, but we have to talk about that fabulous gold jacket. It has some definite Dmitry elements, with the fringe on the sleeves, but it’s got this fabulous punch of gold color. Why did you choose gold for that jacket?

Gold is making its way back in fashion and it’s such a statement color. Love it! And I think it’s always a challenge to create something loud but not tacky. As for the fringe, now all of a sudden everyone is doing fringe and it’s very much in style. But I never get tired of it, and I think you will see more fringe from me in the future.)

The front cutout (in some of the dresses) is a daring and very sexy move! Were you intentionally creating a sexy silhouette in this collection?

I think this collection was a bit of a transition from old me to new me. It’s important to constantly reinvent yourself but never lose your aesthetic authenticity. Artistic expression is always a reflection of who we are at the moment.

On your website ( you have your O. Jen collection up for sale, including a lot of luxe statement pieces like faux fur jackets, dresses and extraordinary trousers.  Will your Spring 2014 collection be up for sale as well?

The Spring 2014 collection is available for special orders only.

                        (You could steal the throne, raise dragons AND look amazing with this dress)

Your art student fan Maki wanted me to say that you’ve been an inspiration to her, and ask if you’ll do another fan meet and greet at some point?

Hi Maki!) I will definitely do a fan meeting in the future, perhaps when I show my next collection in NY during MBFW.

                                  (Possibly the sexiest menswear-inspired jacket I've ever seen)

Of course your fans should keep up with you on twitter and Instagram (both @dmitrysholokhov) as well as facebook. But where should they expect to see you next? Runway shows, cover of Vogue, maybe sitting on the Iron Throne with your own direwolf?

I am in the process of building Dmitry Sholokhov brand and taking it to the next level. The best way to see all the latest updates is by following me on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and

I am pretty sure that you will see me everywhere sooner rather than later. Not sure about the Iron Throne, but you never know!)  

Well, someone’s got to take the Iron Throne away from Joffrey!

                                             (Fan art by Slake Saunders... yes, my sister.)

Finally, what’s your current….

*Song you can’t stop listening to?

Can’t control myself when I hear Get Lucky by Daft Punk

*Book you can’t put down?

Need to find one!

*Favorite item of clothing or accessory?

My leather pants and YSL boots

Daft Punk, great choice! Can't stop listening to that one, either! Thank you so much for stopping by! 

Twitter: @dmitrysholokhov
Instagram: @dmitrysholokhov
Order your own Dmitry Sholokhov dress from his SS2014 collection through his website:
Listen to my April 2013 interview with Dmitry:
And check out some shots of my own Dmitry dress making its big appearance at BEA:

**Note: All photographs in this post are courtesy/property of Dmitry Sholokhov.


  1. Thrilled w Dmitry win of allstars. He has class and charm. Id love to see him dance.,but he is handsdown the best designer ever on the show.