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Sebastian Lysén: Malan Breton, Inspiring Advice, and Great Skin

I'm super excited to get to feature a male model on the Kendry Bird blog again. Sebastian is super professional, positive, and fun... I felt so bad for taking forever to get this post up, but here it is finally!

Model: Sebastian Lysén
Photographer: Orada J. 
Hair & Make up: Timothy Willy
Wardrobe: Alannah Jones )

It's exciting to have a male model again at the Kendry Bird blog! The last we had was Cory Wade of America's Next Top Model fame. So first of all, welcome!

Interesting to hear since I was in the first (and still only) season of Sweden's Next Top Model with guys and girls. ;) 

You walked for Control Sector, of course, but also for Malan Breton (of Project Runway fame) at NYFW this year. Had you been a fan of his before that?
Honestly I didn’t know much about Malan before he chose me for his show, I really didn’t do his casting either I was just very lucky to meet him on set the same day and he wanted me on his catwalk. I even ended up closing his show which is an amazing thing for me as a male model in a show with both women and men's design! Malan Breton was my first show ever in NYFW and I was really impressed about his uniqueness and also his men's wear, I loved every piece of it!

The runway presentation for Malan was very special, with an opera singer and a theatrical edge that included beautiful umbrellas. Was there a lot of practice before the show to get all the details right?
We just had our run-through like every other designer, so no there was not much practice before. As you saw one guy had problems closing his huge umbrella and that was because we only practiced a couple of times and not all of the umbrellas were the same, so I guess that model got surprised and couldn’t figure out in the moment how to close that certain umbrella. To have those big things on the catwalk made my first experience even more nerve wracking, but I did it - flawless if you ask me! haha

I agree, you did! What has been your funniest backstage moment as a model so far in your career?
Oh my it’s always easier to remember the worst memories. Lol But I guess the best one must have been the over all experience of Style Fashion Week New York since it was my first time in NYFW.

What designers would you most love to walk for?
My absolute goal is to walk for Calvin Klein and Dolce and Gabbana. They have always been my biggest dream both on the catwalk as well as on the billboards!

I'm obsessed with D&G! What is your greatest advice for readers who need a pick-me-up when they're having a bad day and not feeling very confident?
I am really amazed about the power we all have to chose our attitude. I mean, I also have really bad days and moments but I always stay focused because it’s not until you lose your focus and are giving up, that you fail. A quick fix for me is to listen to great music and watch incredibly talented people on YouTube. If I feel really blue I call my twin sister who’s back in Sweden to just talk about what it is that make me feel that way. Most of the times it’s just stress, prestige and big dreams that makes me feel inadequate. Solution: be proud of how far you’ve come already and be brave, rely on your own strength and just go out there and do what ever you have to to reach your goal. Chocolate is a great medicine too.. just saying.

I love that advice! Totally inspiring. As a guy, what is your favorite thing that is special and unique about women?
Oh, I’m not a person who makes differences between men and women. But as my best friends in life are all women I just can’t deny how I love their way of understanding. Strong, successful women that know how to step out of a situation and be impartial are the best ones - since they give the best advice.

Okay, you have to dish-- as a male model, what makeup or skincare products (if any) do you use and which are your absolute favorites?
I’ve been using most of it out there and I can tell you, with my hand to my heart, that I’ve never seen better results (I’m known for being a guy with the pretty skin) then when I started to use the Nutricentials by Nu Skin Enterprises. Not too surprising did I also choose to become an independent distributor for them since I couldn’t stop talking about their products. 

Awesome! If you could act in an episode of Game of Thrones or have a part in a Star Wars movie, which would you choose and why?
Oh I love Star Wars. I have many older brothers and I saw all of the episodes already as a kid so I guess I have a bit of SW in my heart. Haha When I was a boy I always dreamt about being a prince, so some heroic character for sure!

How can your fans best keep up with your adventures around the world?
I would say that my Swedish fans best keeps up with me through my blog ( and everyone do it best by following me on Instagram and Snapchat (@sebastianlysen).

Finally, what is your current favorite:

Song: One of the most played one right now is by my favorites Ella Henderson and Kygo ’Here for You’.

City: I am so happy that I moved to Los Angeles this year and I for sure love it here!

Movie: Oh I am a huge fan of the Hunger Games and can’t wait for the next one to get released!

Book: I mostly read self developing books for the moment (a moment that’s been a few years but I would say I love the Hunger Games and actually enjoyed the books more than the movies.

A Series of Fortune and Unfortunate Events

Hello everyone!

I apologize for lack of updates, but the last three weeks have brought great and sad things. I moved to NYC (!!), got a book deal for Dating an Alien Pop Star (!!!!), and have gotten to do some really fun things like attend fashion events, and a Renn fair.

However, I also am couch-hopping at the moment because I lost the place I was living in the city, and my phone AND laptop were stolen in a really frustrating turn of events at a place I found on Travelocity. While I don't fault Travelocity for this, I will say far and wide that the hostel on 186 Linden in Brooklyn is not a safe place, and is run by a corrupt person who will not compensate for someone who has had their belongings stolen out literally from under their bed while they are sleeping, by a stranger from the outside. It's insane.

I'm still on my feet and still moving forward though, my dears, and have ideas for new posts soon!!


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