Saturday, February 21, 2015

What to Wear When Winter is Coming (Or Already Here)

What do you do when the temperature dances around zero for days on end? I'm part polar bear, or maybe I'm part fae, because I very rarely get cold, but this latest deep freeze even has me grumbling about wanting spring to hurry up and get here.

In the mean time, I've compiled some winter-friendly accessories that can keep you looking fabulous even when you feel like you're living in Winterfell (hopefully with a direwolf and Robb Stark to cuddle with)...

Statement sunglasses:

If you only associate sunglasses with summer, you're missing out on a lot of fun. Big, funky sunglasses are like a punctuation mark on a great outfit, and even better, they can still be seen even when you're bundled up against the elements. Plus, let's be real-- all that white everywhere can cause a lot of painful glare (especially if you're a vampire like I am). Do yourself a favor and invest in some really unique sunglasses for winter, looking for details like bright colors, patterns, or jewels on the frames. And they don't have to be expensive, really. Retro City Sunglasses sells a huge assortment of super affordable sunglasses in styles that would make any fashionista take a second look.

Fabulous earrings:

I always go a little nuts with long earrings, just because I think it's fun to add some movement into your day, but in winter, long earrings get even more attention than they do in summer! Whether you're rocking silver chandelier earrings or some Babecatcher earrings from Half Lucid Jewelry, don't be afraid to go all out with color, length and size.

Bright lipstick:

Another way to add some color to your wintery wardrobe is a bright lipcolor. In these freezing temperatures, I reach for bright red like MAC's Ruby Woo, or a funky purple like Castle (601) by NYX Cosmetics. NYX has such an affordable line of lipsticks that even the poorest of us can stock up on a rainbow of fun colors-- and the color payoff, smell and quality is great!

Colorful scarf:

I collect scarves from cheap little shops during my travels. Some of my favorites are a fox scarf I bought in London and a scarf that looks like a map, that I bought in NYC. Worn partly untucked from your jacket, a silky scarf can add some color to your face and even make your hair look fuller if you have fine hair like I do. Don't be afraid to wear scarves in spring colors-- people will smile when they see you!

Red trench coat:

One of my absolute favorite pieces of outerwear is a cherry red trench coat I picked up on sale at Old Navy. A well-fitted trench coat offers you polish, no matter what you're wearing underneath, and when you wear one in a bright color like red, it makes you stand out in a crowd. Just look for a red that complements your skintone and hair!

Hair jewelry:

I bought a headchain last summer and wore it through the fall and right into winter. In the warm months, a headchain or flower crown looks bohemian and relaxed, but in the winter it looks regal and memorable. Trust me, if you wear a delicate headchain on a cold day, you'll feel like a beautiful snow queen.. and probably get treated like one, too!

What are some of your favorite winter accessories and ways to brighten up your cold-weather wardrobe? Tweet me @kendrybird or comment below! Stay warm, folks!

Friday, February 13, 2015

Half Lucid Is On Sale!

As winter drags on, I'm already thinking of spring and color and warmth. I'm putting together the beginnings of a new collection (inspired by street art), but until that's ready, I'm running a special sale on all of my back stock.

Make sure to grab these before they go- once they're gone, you won't have another chance!

Read about the collection here:

Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Win a Wedding Dress from Project Runway's Kate Pankoke!


CHICAGO (February 2, 2015) – Project Runway All Star, Kate Pankoke, will be giving one lucky bride a FREE WEDDING GOWN.  Kate is putting a twist on the traditional Valentine to celebrate the grand opening of her Michigan Avenue Showroom & Atelier.  Brides that book a showroom appointment for a date during their grand opening promotion (February 24 - March 21, 2015) will receive a Valentine, each of which holds a special surprise including 50% off of the total gown purchase or a free accessory, and one lucky bride will receive a FREE GOWN.   

Pankoke says “I am so excited to have a showroom in my hometown, where I can showcase the collection and help brides find their dream gown.” The Elaya Vaughn Bridal by Kate Pankoke Showroom & Atelier is located inside Chicago’s Fine Arts Building, a historic landmark housing some of Chicago’s most renowned artists.  From the marble hallways to the elaborate brass doors, the building itself is a work of art. 

The Elaya Vaughn Bridal by Kate Pankoke Showroom, located in Suite 501 at 410 South Michigan Avenue, is open to brides and buyers by appointment only. Brides can schedule an appointment via phone (312) 912-8701 or e-mail Please note that there are a limited number of appointments available during the FREE GOWN promotion!  

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