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IIMUAHII's Raw, Intimidating, Tech-Punk SS2016 Collection

As a sci fi author AND a fashion lover, I can't help completely losing my mind when designers bring those two worlds together. Once again, IIMUAHII creator and Project Runway finalist Elena Slivnyak has done just that... and this time she's also done it with perhaps one of the most incredible lookbooks I've ever seen.

Something straight out of a blue and silver-toned scifi dystopian move set, the SS2016 collection features stark photographs of angular, intimidating, and tech-punk designs. These are not clothes for the meek. These are clothes for taking over galaxies, and treading on stars. Check it out...

Elena also recently shared information about her new tech-infused jacket on twitter... so cool!

View the full lookbook on IIMUAHII's facebook page and follow Elena on twitter @iimuahii

Photos credits:
Designer | Creative Director: Elena Slivnyak
Photographer: Kristina Varaksina
Model: Jennifer Nicole Roberts
3-D Designer: Remy Trappier
Hair: Jaymz Marez
Makeup: Janice Daoud
Styling Assistants: Lusha Wang and Lola Patricia

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Monday, October 5, 2015

Sebastian Lysén: Malan Breton, Inspiring Advice, and Great Skin

I'm super excited to get to feature a male model on the Kendry Bird blog again. Sebastian is super professional, positive, and fun... I felt so bad for taking forever to get this post up, but here it is finally!

Model: Sebastian Lysén
Photographer: Orada J. 
Hair & Make up: Timothy Willy
Wardrobe: Alannah Jones )

It's exciting to have a male model again at the Kendry Bird blog! The last we had was Cory Wade of America's Next Top Model fame. So first of all, welcome!

Interesting to hear since I was in the first (and still only) season of Sweden's Next Top Model with guys and girls. ;) 

You walked for Control Sector, of course, but also for Malan Breton (of Project Runway fame) at NYFW this year. Had you been a fan of his before that?
Honestly I didn’t know much about Malan before he chose me for his show, I really didn’t do his casting either I was just very lucky to meet him on set the same day and he wanted me on his catwalk. I even ended up closing his show which is an amazing thing for me as a male model in a show with both women and men's design! Malan Breton was my first show ever in NYFW and I was really impressed about his uniqueness and also his men's wear, I loved every piece of it!

The runway presentation for Malan was very special, with an opera singer and a theatrical edge that included beautiful umbrellas. Was there a lot of practice before the show to get all the details right?
We just had our run-through like every other designer, so no there was not much practice before. As you saw one guy had problems closing his huge umbrella and that was because we only practiced a couple of times and not all of the umbrellas were the same, so I guess that model got surprised and couldn’t figure out in the moment how to close that certain umbrella. To have those big things on the catwalk made my first experience even more nerve wracking, but I did it - flawless if you ask me! haha

I agree, you did! What has been your funniest backstage moment as a model so far in your career?
Oh my it’s always easier to remember the worst memories. Lol But I guess the best one must have been the over all experience of Style Fashion Week New York since it was my first time in NYFW.

What designers would you most love to walk for?
My absolute goal is to walk for Calvin Klein and Dolce and Gabbana. They have always been my biggest dream both on the catwalk as well as on the billboards!

I'm obsessed with D&G! What is your greatest advice for readers who need a pick-me-up when they're having a bad day and not feeling very confident?
I am really amazed about the power we all have to chose our attitude. I mean, I also have really bad days and moments but I always stay focused because it’s not until you lose your focus and are giving up, that you fail. A quick fix for me is to listen to great music and watch incredibly talented people on YouTube. If I feel really blue I call my twin sister who’s back in Sweden to just talk about what it is that make me feel that way. Most of the times it’s just stress, prestige and big dreams that makes me feel inadequate. Solution: be proud of how far you’ve come already and be brave, rely on your own strength and just go out there and do what ever you have to to reach your goal. Chocolate is a great medicine too.. just saying.

I love that advice! Totally inspiring. As a guy, what is your favorite thing that is special and unique about women?
Oh, I’m not a person who makes differences between men and women. But as my best friends in life are all women I just can’t deny how I love their way of understanding. Strong, successful women that know how to step out of a situation and be impartial are the best ones - since they give the best advice.

Okay, you have to dish-- as a male model, what makeup or skincare products (if any) do you use and which are your absolute favorites?
I’ve been using most of it out there and I can tell you, with my hand to my heart, that I’ve never seen better results (I’m known for being a guy with the pretty skin) then when I started to use the Nutricentials by Nu Skin Enterprises. Not too surprising did I also choose to become an independent distributor for them since I couldn’t stop talking about their products. 

Awesome! If you could act in an episode of Game of Thrones or have a part in a Star Wars movie, which would you choose and why?
Oh I love Star Wars. I have many older brothers and I saw all of the episodes already as a kid so I guess I have a bit of SW in my heart. Haha When I was a boy I always dreamt about being a prince, so some heroic character for sure!

How can your fans best keep up with your adventures around the world?
I would say that my Swedish fans best keeps up with me through my blog ( and everyone do it best by following me on Instagram and Snapchat (@sebastianlysen).

Finally, what is your current favorite:

Song: One of the most played one right now is by my favorites Ella Henderson and Kygo ’Here for You’.

City: I am so happy that I moved to Los Angeles this year and I for sure love it here!

Movie: Oh I am a huge fan of the Hunger Games and can’t wait for the next one to get released!

Book: I mostly read self developing books for the moment (a moment that’s been a few years but I would say I love the Hunger Games and actually enjoyed the books more than the movies.

A Series of Fortune and Unfortunate Events

Hello everyone!

I apologize for lack of updates, but the last three weeks have brought great and sad things. I moved to NYC (!!), got a book deal for Dating an Alien Pop Star (!!!!), and have gotten to do some really fun things like attend fashion events, and a Renn fair.

However, I also am couch-hopping at the moment because I lost the place I was living in the city, and my phone AND laptop were stolen in a really frustrating turn of events at a place I found on Travelocity. While I don't fault Travelocity for this, I will say far and wide that the hostel on 186 Linden in Brooklyn is not a safe place, and is run by a corrupt person who will not compensate for someone who has had their belongings stolen out literally from under their bed while they are sleeping, by a stranger from the outside. It's insane.

I'm still on my feet and still moving forward though, my dears, and have ideas for new posts soon!!


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Kendry Bird Lands in NYC!

I have arrived in NYC for New York Fashion Week. A very busy schedule of shows lies ahead, but I will do my best to document lots and share with you!

Make sure you're following me on Instagram @kendralsaunders and on Twitter as well: @kendrybird

Tomorrow the madness begins!

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Instagram's Martina Gutfreund: Social Media, Chantelle Winnie, and Handling Stress

Every now and again you bump into a social media account that just changes your life; whether it's a Twitter account that makes you laugh until it hurts, a Youtuber who gives the actual best tutorials on hairstyles, or an Instagram star who makes you want to up your makeup game, sometimes you just find a go-to favorite. For me, one of those go-to favorites is Martina Gutfreund of instagram/enchanted.forest
Martina is many things- part modern fairy, part hippie, part artist. She creates paintings, jewelry, and beautiful pictures that she shares on Instagram, all from her stunning Canadian homeland. Her 25k+ followers know they can look to her for inspiration in magic, purple hair, great lipstick, and brightly colored paintings, and there's a sense of easy girl power about her circle of friends and social media presence. And she loves sci-fi! (Super excited about that, as a science fiction author myself). I reached out to her for an interview, and we talked about cultivating a social media brand, spirituality, her favorite model, and how she upkeeps her gorgeous hair...

I’ve been following your Instagram for quite some time, and have found myself having the following conversation with friends, “Look at this… isn’t this beautiful? This girl is amazing.” You’ve curated such a beautiful, peaceful social media presence, both because of the content of your pictures AND the color palette. What is your secret to making a cohesive Instagram presence?

I definitely started my theme from the very beginning and improved the quality of what I was posting over time by browsing through popular blogs and other Instagram accounts. It really helps when you can take inspiration from other popular photos and re-create them in your own unique way! I figured I wanted to share the things that I found most important in my life, which are art & the environment, so most of my photos generally relate to those themes. I’m not sure why my colour palette is so cohesive, I’m not the best at editing so I will give all of the credits to my camera and the Valencia/Aden filters. The best tip I would give, is to choose a theme that you seriously enjoy in your own life, so that creating the photos never becomes a chore… the only times I struggle are when I can’t find the time to paint enough new stuff!

You are very interested in spiritual matters. Do you have any rituals for happiness or peace when you are feeling stressed out?

To be honest, I have very strange spiritual views; they can appear very dry to most outsiders, but I find a lot of comfort in my ideas of existence. Usually when I’m getting overly stressed, I just remind myself that I’m a tiny blip of nothing in the midst of more nothing in the grand scheme of things, really what I’m going through is just another incredibly insignificant moment within the space-time continuum. It sounds a bit dark and pessimistic, but man the universe is immense and there is so much more you could be doing than spending your energy stressing over little things. I’m not sure if I’m making much sense at this point, but being so incredibly infinitesimal tends to put things into perspective.

What is body confidence to you, and what do you do on days where you feel less confident?

Ahhhh the never ending struggle of body confidence! This is a tough one for me, as I have really only begun taking confidence in my appearance and personality in the last 2 years or so. It is a constant battle to stay positive about those aspects and truly love myself, I’m not even sure how to define what that would look like if I were to ever achieve it. I suppose not putting myself down would be a good start; I usually deal with it by throwing on a flattering outfit and doing some stellar makeup. It’s not the best solution, but it’s something that has always worked for me… I know it’s a Band-Aid more than anything else, and that can be bad when those feelings build up over the years of being covered up and pushed aside.

Martina Gutfreund

Stellar makeup and a standby favorite outfit do it for me too. No shame there! Your hair is gorgeous. What do you use to upkeep the color?


Ooooh noooo, not this question! Well, I dye it about once every 2 months with Manic Panic dyes, but it’s really my washing habits that keep the colour. I wash the actual dreaded part once every 10 days or so with a really gentle dread shampoo and lukewarm water, so the colour lasts foreeever. My non-dreaded section gets a lot more attention though since I hate it when my hair feels greasy, so it’s usually really faded compared to the dreads.

(Some of Martina's beautiful creations)

You make jewelry, but do you have a favorite jewelry designer? Clothing designer?

Hmm, I would have to say my favourite jewelry designer is Studiolil on etsy (her insta is just @Studiolil ) she makes the most beautiful septum rings! I bought my first one from her when her shop was just starting to gain traction around 2 years ago, and I am so impressed with how much her work and business has grown since then. I can’t say I specifically have a favourite clothing designer; I do a lot of shopping in second-hand stores or re-purpose old unwanted items from family members. I really admire anybody who sews or crochets their clothes from scratch, it such an amazing skill set to have. A few of my favourite instagrammers that do this are @cosmicsun_ & @voodoufairy & @maya_gipsygreen … they’re all so talented!

You live in Canada, and in the winter, it looks like you live in a snowy fairytale. How do you keep to your aesthetic in winter?

It’s a little tougher to keep up in the winter, since most of the flora and fauna disappear under the snow and I can’t find as many interesting things to photograph. I try my best to travel to the Rocky Mountains on a regular basis, since it’s so incredibly gorgeous there year-round. I guess things just get a little less colourful for those months, I really love the beauty winter, but it’s that dreadful grey period that kills me. Right before the snow and right after the snow…everything looks so dead and lifeless - it’s honestly a little depressing for me during those few weeks.

(Just try to tell me that this isn't a winter fairytale!)

What are your go-to natural remedies and tricks for when you have a cold?

I am a stubborn nut when it comes to sickness, I will do all it takes to let my body fight it off without any help. I recently tried that and ended up sick for 3 weeks; eventually a pretty little hospital trip made me take some antibiotics… not kidding when I say stubborn! Perhaps it’s a sign that I should start to use some mild herbal remedies?

Ouch! Yes, herbal remedies for sure... Sambucol, vitamin C, and Zycam are some of my standbys. Who are your female heroes?

I’m not really sure how to answer this one, I want to come up with some big name that people will resonate with, but all I can really think of is Chantelle Winnie. She is an international model from Canada who was born with Vitiligo and has become such a positive role model for anybody struggling with low confidence related to appearance or bullying. I mean she’s obviously freakin’ gorgeous, but I love her level of maturity and depth when she’s speaking about contemporary issues – definitely somebody to check out if you haven’t heard of her!

What is the greatest life advice a woman has ever given you?


Yikes! I don’t have a very fantastic memory when it comes to the specifics. I suppose I can definitely look to my sweet Mama for the best life advice, she’s the only one that kept telling me to stay true to myself and pursue what I’m passionate about. I highly doubt that I would still be painting and creating if it wasn’t for her constant support many years ago… believe it or not, I was actually trying to go into business school before pursuing the arts.

What would you like to say to all of your many, many fans who follow you, create art inspired by you, and love your pictures?

A lot. Too much, so get ready for some soft cheese, because what you have done for me has melted my heart! You guys have no idea how much my perspective on both my career and self-image has changed since gaining a presence on social media. I’m quite an introvert so I never had much outside input on my work besides family and a handful of peers, having the encouragement and support from thousands of people has really helped me break out of that shell. It feels amazing to finally have the confidence to bring my work to festivals and display it for so many people to see… and to actually be able to talk to strangers (that has been a struggle my whole life, but interacting with all of the beautiful souls via the internet has helped my socializing skills immensely – people are pretty cool I guess!) hopefully it will all stick for a lifetime! I will be forever grateful for the endless kindness I’ve been shown, and am on a mission to internalize that and continue to pass it on to others for as long as I can. I want everybody to feel that they don’t need to put up walls, and can be comfortable with who they are… so thank you all for showing me so much love, you’re absolutely amazing! <3

Fun questions:

If someone wrote a science fiction or fantasy book based on your life, what would you want them to name you?

Ha! This is a great question since I’m a huge fantasy and sci-fi fan - I’m going to have to choose wisely. First off, I’d obviously be some sort of weird creature, because I’m only human in this particular reality… hmmmm. Zorbina of Blagdalon! Blagdalon being my home planet, which is covered with small tree caves that each hold a different dimension within them. I think I’d probably be covered in lots of eyeballs and would resemble a sea cucumber or starfish… Zorbina seems to suit that!

Pretend MAC cosmetics is going to make a lipstick for you. What color would it be?

It would be a pink & purple pastel glitter galaxy!

Finally, what is your current favorite:

lipstick: I mostly wear Sephora’s nude shade of lipstick with a darker liner underneath; I’ve been trying to rock a more natural look lately

book: Shantaram by Gregory Roberts

song: Dubuasca by Bassnectar

drink: Sparkling rose lemonade

online store: Rage On
Listen to Martina's current fav song:

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Why You Don't Harrass A Sci-Fi Author

So yesterday I had a little run-in with an annoying stranger on Facebook, and I posted about it. The post was picked up by Buzzfeed and spread rapidly on the internet. For some reason, though, this morning the post had vanished.

I'm uploading it here, for your sharing and laughing pleasure.

Stranger guy sent me a bunch of annoying "hi" "hi sexy" "what's up?" messages, which I didn't answer, plus pictures of his face, over the span of about three months. Over lunch yesterday I had this conversation with him:

THIS is why you don't mess with a feminist sci-fi writer! ;)

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Check In With Kendry Bird

Just went on a scouting trip to NYC to look for a room. Along the way, I also attended a rooftop party at Top the Standard, which was amazing... disco balls, dancing, delicious drinks, and a hot tub! So fun. I can't wait to move to NYC <3

Kendra L. Saunders
Kendra L. Saunders

Kendra L. Saunders

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Lyn Vargas of House of Smart, Tough Advice on Business, Makeup and Marketing

It's not every day that you get to speak with a woman who is not only an artist, but also a business owner- and a marketing genius! Lyn Vargas has built her brand of colorful, highly-pigmented lipcolors from the ground up; she dreams the colors, creates them, sells them, and markets them to the fashion-savvy around the world. Instagram stars from England and Sweden post selfies wearing House of Beauty, right along with girls (and boys!) all over America, the company's country of origin.

House of Beauty is a joyful company that offers a riot of colors that will look beautiful on dark and light skintones alike, and all skintones in between. They even offer opaque gold lip colors, the likes of which you're seldom to see anywhere else!

Just as importantly, House of Beauty rejects the secretive business model of brands who separate themselves from their customers like royalty behind a castle moat. HoB not only allows all reviews, positive or negative, but they encourage them, and promise never to delete or hide any negative reviews. That's strong belief in a product!

Below is my interview with Lyn, where she talks some very in-depth suggestions for women considering opening their own business, how she creates her lip colors, and her relationship with beauty bloggers the world over...

Lyn Vargas, House of Beauty

1. Why did you decide to create such bright and memorable colors?

 I wanted to have a broad range of colors to cater to every personality and all walks of life. When I use to be a beauty blogger, one of my favorite  things to do was create lip art, but found that I could not really find lip colors to use for my art. So I would make my own mixtures using lip pencils, eyeshadows, NYX milk pencil, and clear gloss to create my own creamy paint. I also loved being able to create different looks and get into character, so as an artist, a lot of this is what inspires me now. I want to create colors that are your standard wearables, but I also really wanted to offer unique colors for artists that they can use so the possibilities would be endless. Like paint to a painter. My lip hybrids are so versatile and that's the beauty of it. I also love the idea that people are stepping out of the box, wearing colors that they wouldn't normally wear. 
I also must give credit to my ex manufacturer. Some of the colors that are bold and colorful that you see in my line have been reformulated from when I carried her line when we had a partnership. So in truth, colors such as Aquarius and Taboo for instance were colors she manufactured to me prior with her lip creams, but when I became an independent company, many of my customers asked for those colors to come back and I made a new and improved reformulation using my own recipe. 

2.When did you first decide you wanted to go into business for yourself?

I always wanted to but in March 2015, I was kind of forced into it. I started my business with a silent partner and before it was House of Beauty, my old line was called Premium Vanity. My ex manufacturer ended our business relationship abruptly. I had quit my full time job to focus on my business, so when she no longer wanted to do business with me, it was either sink or swim. I could not risk not being able to put food on the table or a roof over my kids' heads. So I worked hard. Through constant trial and error, I did not give up until I finally created a lip formula I was in love with. This was the birth of House of Beauty and (of me) being the sole owner and sole creator of my line. Everything started to fall into place. One door closed and three more opened. I was blessed with GOD guiding my hands and also the support and help I got from my husband, my company PR Kathryn, and the help of Courtney that created my website, even my promoters. Everything fell into place and led me to where I am now.

3.What is your advice to ladies who have a dream they want to turn into a business?

My advice is to motivate yourself to achieve your goal. I see a lot of girls that say I dream about this and I dream about that, yet they don't make any effort in trying to make their dream come true or they try a little and at the first sight of trouble, they give up. Unless you won the lottery or something, your dream is not just going to fall on your lap. You have to want it enough and actually do something about it to make it happen. Dedicate yourself and your time and take that step after step closer to your goal until it happens and if it does not do well, then at least you tried! So have that drive and be strong because the beginning is always the hardest part.
Secondly, based on past experience, it is best you work on your own. If not, then make sure you have contracts. If you're getting products from a private label or private manufacturer, make sure it is done in a professional manner. Even contact a business attorney or a business savvy friend who has a lot of knowledge on how to start your own business the right way. Educate yourself and believe in yourself. You won't know unless you try.

4. Bold eyes and bold lips at the same time... yes or no?
As a makeup artist, usually the answer is no. Usually, you would tone down your lip color when pairing with bold eyes and visa versa, but when doing editorial looks or you feel a bit dramatic why not? As long as it compliments each other. 

5. What is your personal favorite lip hybrid from House of Beauty?

That's like asking me what my favorite food is. I have so many. Really it just depends on my mood. I can't answer that, they're my babies I love them all.
House of Beauty, lipstick, lipcolor

6. How does it feel to see bloggers around the world wearing your products? Is it still exciting?

I love it!! Yes it is exciting to me. I'm still in awe when I see orders from all around the world! 

7. You create House of Beauty products by hand. Where do you draw inspiration from when you are creating a new color?

I am not really the type of person to stalk companies and be like, "Oh let me see if I can dupe that". No. To me it is like the art of cooking. Being a mixologist. I see ingredients in front me and I am like ohh I wonder what I would get if I mix this and that together? Or ideas will just pop up in my mind. Sometimes my own taste in colors inspire me, the season we are in or I may even have customers suggest a color and I try to satisfy that. Majority of the time, my imagination gets the best of me. 

8. In the past, there were not enough colors formulated to fit women of color, and many women were frustrated about the small amount of choices they had. Are your colors rich enough for women of color to wear confidently?

Absolutely!! They love my colors and leave amazing reviews on my review page @hob_reviews on Instagram. I carry a broad range of colors, almost 75 and growing! Many of them are so rich and pigmented that they will compliment darker skin tones.

9. That's amazing to hear! So... you feature pictures of fans wearing your products, via social media. How can fans get featured on Instagram?

They can simply use my hashtag #houseofbeautyco and/or tag me in the photo for a chance to be featured. Just a little hint, I love swatches, product shots and clear photos :)

10. What is the most memorable thing a woman has told you about life?

I must apologize, I honestly can't remember off hand anything memorable. Life itself has taught me about life. 

11. Who are your female heroes?

First and foremost, my mother. My grandmother and my aunt.

12. What do you do on days when you don't feel confident?

Sometimes, I fix myself up because it makes me feel better and puts a little pep in my step, or I speak to my close friends/family to help ease my insecurities. 

13. Fun questions:
If you could make up Heidi Klum or Jennifer Lopez, who would you choose and what House of Beauty products would you use on her?

Definitely Jennifer Lopez. I saw her rock a yellow color, so I would definitely use Kill Bill. Also Fusion, Seductive, Dragon, Spank My Pank, Nude Brulee, Kathryn and Chiffon.

14. If you could spend a day with Jon Snow (Game of Thrones) or Han Solo (Star Wars) which would you choose and why?

I would love to answer this but I do not know who they are because I have not watched either. So sorry! Maybe if you asked which out of the two brothers from Supernatural lol.

15.Finally, what is your current favorite:

Mascara: Maybelline Blackest Black Mega Plush Volume Express
Book: The Bible
Song: Energy by Drake
Like their facebook page
Visit their Instagram
Visit Kendra's Instagram

Lyn's current favorite song:

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The Girls Got It: Sexism in America's Next Top Model and Project Runway's Current Seasons

Reality TV presents a subjective eye on real humans doing semi-real things. And, despite the comments that Matt McGorry has dealt with about the choices of his very-much-fictional character on Orange is the New Black, most people watching reality TV know that they're seeing a filtered version of life.

Project Runway is a show that offers a lens into manic time schedules, difficult fabrics, and colorful designers. The show wheels between utter brilliance (the Ultimate Hard and Soft episode of Season 11) to downright silliness. We've seen 'heroes' and 'villains' on the show; we've seen triumph and heartbreak. We've seen artificial moments created entirely for sympathy or laughs, and we've seen some surprising glimpses into humanity.

With that understanding in mind, S14 of the show has brought us some classically wonderful Project Runway elements already: an unconventional challenge (greeting cards!), and some kickass women designers (Ashley! Candice! Laurie! Amanda!) It's also brought us the necessary evil of groan-or-giggle-worthy product placement, and the unnecessary evil of sexism on the part of the male designers.

Take a gander over at this season's America's Next Top Model, and you see the same thing on both accounts.

So what's up with this sudden strong trend?

Over on ANTM, we have a grungy greaseball of a beach bum pretending to help a woman he's super interested in banging, and then talking about her behind her back. We have a Fedora Guy suffering from a possibly terminal case of I'm a Nice Guy syndrome, making catty comments about a female contestant's fake boobs and how you can't trust women with fake boobs. Both of these wonderful examples of masculinity also repeatedly remind us that they are horny and not really that picky about which female will hurry up and relieve their condition.

Women should be pretty, but not too pretty. They should be around, but not win the competition. The second they put up any kind of fight, the once 'hot' women are suddenly unattractive, not all that talented, and need to go home. Having an opinion is abrasive, being quiet is vapid and empty headed.

Maybe I expect a bit more of this sexism from the boys over on ANTM, considering many of them are young and aggressively straight, but it's disappointing to see these comments and views carried over to Project Runway. Edited to add: I'm mainly speaking of Joseph's decision that his opinion is the only one that matters and that his female team-mate needs to do as he says, and nothing else, dampen her personality, and basically not speak when someone asks what they're doing, and Jake's temper tantrum about his female team-mate having ideas about their outfit.

Many of the Project Runway viewers are not upper class buyers. They are working class people who spend 8-10 hours a day working in a store or office, who watch the show with a glass of wine, and who vote in the polls, talk about the designers on social media, and turn up to events when the designers finally get a small show or clothing line. They are the people who hand over their hard earned money or credit card to buy a piece from their favorite PR designer. As such, many of them are choosy with their hard-earned money. And many of them are women. These women don't want to spend their money on a designer who clearly looks at women as lesser beings in this modern year of 2015.

Sometimes I hear gay men say something along the lines of, "But I'm gay! I'm not being sexist, I just don't like women!" This is absolutely not, in any way, a good excuse for acting as if your male parts give you better tools for solving problems or creating art, for controlling the 'wild females' in your midst, for cracking jokes about their menstrual cycles, for calling them false endearments with a snarled lip, for laughing at them for 'just being girls'.  This does not save you from one very important fact: You are still a sexist.


Thursday, August 20, 2015

Upcoming Fun Stuff!

Hello everyone! Hope you've been enjoying your summer.

I have lots of great content coming for you soon, including an upcoming interview with Lyn, House of Beauty's awesome owner, and an interview with one of my favorite Instagram personalities, Martina of

Other upcoming topics for posts include tips for having 'fun' colored hair, and discussions on the relationship between weight and fashion, as well as consent in fiction.

Make sure to check back regularly!

Kendra L. Saunders

Kendra L. Saunders, Kendra Saunders

Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Instagram's Makeup Queen Elina Liljeholm: Selfies, Lipliner, and Finding Success

I'm so excited to welcome one of my favorite makeup artists, who I first spotted on Instagram: Elina Liljeholm. Elina's work is absolutely gorgeous, and she posts snaps that will make you want to pick up your red/berry lipstick again!

Read below as we talk about tips for great selfies, how to achieve white-blonde hair, and Elina's advice for being a success on Instagram...

First of all, we have to talk about your amazing white-blonde hair. How do you maintain such a white blonde?

Actually, I don´t do much! I am very light blonde naturally (you can see it in the fact that I have been lazy lately and have like 5 cm outgrowth, haha) and all I do is bleach my outgrowth one time about every 3-4 months and use silver conditioner like every other shower. Mostly people talk about silver shampoo when it comes to white/grey hair, but I prefer conditioner (there´s so many in the stores nowadays) because it keeps your hair healthier! 

Oh, good to know! I'll have to get my hands on some of that conditioner. You are a makeup selfie queen. What is your advice to girls who want their makeup to look striking and beautiful in pictures?

Two things are the most important to get a nice makeup picture: Light and a good camera! The light is number one because most cameras (even phone cameras, not the selfie cam tho) are good enough to get ok pictures. I use as much light as I possibly can. I live in an apartment and I don´t feel comfy to go outside and take pictures (but it´s really the best!) so most often I take them on my balcony where it´s almost daylight. Or by the biggest window. Just a lamp or two in a dark room is not good enough. The picture will be hard to get sharp and all the colours just disappear. So yeah, good lighting! 
A good camera is the best to have for close ups. You need to be able to zoom properly to get these reeaaally close and sharp pictures. A nice camera is also more able to catch all the colours and shadows you want, and it just over all makes the pictures look prettier. In my opinion, haha!

You feature a lot of really strong lipcolors (red, purple, etc). Do you use lipliner? Do you have a favorite lipliner?

Actually I don´t! I have thought for SO long that I should buy one since I have a little bit of trouble getting the lipstick to stay through the whole day. But I don´t have a job right now and I feel that I can´t spend money on makeup, so I´ve never bought one. And I don´t even understand why. They´re not even that expensive, haha!

What is your opinion: Can a girl wear a dark eye AND a bold lip? If so, how should they pull it off?

YES. I live with the idea that there are no rules with makeup. Just wear what the hell you like, no matter what "rules" you break. Just go crazy with colours all over your face if that´s what you feel like! 
When I wear it I most often go for a matte smoky eye in some greyish brown shade and winged liner matched with berry lips. OR when I feel more edgy, or if it´s a boring day I go for red-pink-purple-orange-ish smoky eyes matched with really dark lips. Kind of grungy!

Ah yes, the grunge look is back in for sure! Love those tips. Who are some of your favorite models?

Oh damn, I have so many! 
Like Gina Harrison. Her body is like the most amazing shit I´ve seen (she looks like something from a superhero-magazine or something) and I love her style. Or Winnie Harlow. I´m just amazed by her skin. She looks so cool! Or Diandra Forrest. Her looks is so unique and she´s so beautiful. I also think about Charlotte Free or Audrey Kitching. They are both people who got into the modeling business with crazy coloured hair and a more edgy style. I really have this thing for people who look like something more than the ordinary. People with looks you don´t see every day. It just speaks to me!

Do you have plans for professional modeling in the future?

I´ve always thought it would be so FUN to model and I´ve always been really comfy in front of the camera. But I don´t know. I'm just 152 cm tall (5´0) and not super thin so I would have such a hard time to get into the business and it would be so much hard work and I just don´t want it that much. I love beauty and art and creativity so I think makeup artistry fits me better anyways. But if I had the chance in front of me some day, I think I would take it!

It's interesting that Tyra Banks recently allowed shorter models on America's Next Top Model. I hope we see more diversity in modeling, for sure. It's time! But next question... what would you like to say to your many fans (Over 17k and counting!)?

Thank you so much for supporting me the way you do!! It makes this instagram thing so much fun and sometimes I feel so guilty for not answering all of your super sweet comments. I promise that I read them all tho and I try to at least respond to every question I get. I want to say THANK YOU SO MUCH for inspiring me and supporting me and sharing my pictures and all these kind words you write on my pictures and all the ideas you have when I feel uninspired and all the collaborations you want me in on. Just thank you for all of that! :*

What is the best way for people to follow in your footsteps?

You mean to keep this Instagram thing going? I think you need to have a passion or at least an interest for what you are doing and post about. If it´s just something you do for popularity (or what the purpose might be), I imagine it soon gets boring and like something you force yourself to do instead of enjoying it. For example, these looks that I do, I did them before I used Instagram too. I just didn´t post it online the same way. If I just did it to post online or to please others, I would get sick and tired of it and hate it. So yeah, do something you love and document it. That´s the easiest way!

Fun questions:

Would you rather live in the world of Game of Thrones, or as a superhero in Avengers, and why?

As a superhero! I actually don´t know much about Avengers, but enough to know that I would rather save the world than fight for some throne, haha! And who doesn´t want superpowers and to wear some of these cool outfits? I sure do!

If you could spend a full day as any celebrity, which would you be?
Easy. Ivy Levan. I'm totally fangirling over her. She seems so down to earth and so intelligent, has a LOT of humor, look gorgeous in every way, has this amazing, deep voice and has the style of my dreams. She is all that I want to be, haha! 

Finally, what is your current favorite:

song? I´m stuck with Chlöe Howl - Paper Heart right now. It´s such a happy song and I love her accent. 
lipstick? Trust Issues from AnastasiaBeverlyHills. It´s the perfect dark purpleish red. Just what I love. 
online store? Wildfox. I use to sit there and just look through their lookbooks. Really inspiring!
piece of clothing? My black transparent long shirt-dress-thingy from H&M. I wear it with anything and you can wear it just on it´s own like a dress, like a kimono if you don´t close it, as a shirt if you put half of it in your pants or whatever. It´s the best!
website? I´m boring and say YouTube. And don´t even think I need to explain why. Everyone uses it and loves it, haha!
Thank you! 
Thank you too for this interview! It was a pleasure :)
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