Monday, December 8, 2014


I'm looking for 1-2 ladies who would be interested in modeling Half Lucid jewelry for a photoshoot, in exchange for a yummy dinner and some free makeup of your choice. Makeup and hair styling provided.  Must be able to travel to Webster NH. Please contact me by 12/12 if you are interested, and share this status to your local model friends to see if they are interested! All skin/hair colors welcome to apply; long hair preferred but not required.

Sunday, December 7, 2014

Half Lucid LONDON Capsule Collection

So excited to announce that I am now at work on a VERY special capsule collection of Half Lucid Jewelry, inspired by my recent trip to London. England had a charismatic effect on my creativity, inspiring me to write and look at the world in a new way. While there, I gathered materials for the upcoming LONDON collection and am now working on it. The pieces will be one of a kind, so that means that once they're sold, they will be unavailable.

If you are a fashion blogger and are interested in featuring the collection on your blog, please contact me. I will be giving away ONE piece from the collection to a fashion blogger (chosen at random) so this is a good chance for you to win a special piece of Half Lucid Jewelry. If you know fashion bloggers who might be interested, please let them know they can tweet me ( @kendrybird ) or email me ( All fashion bloggers interested in featuring the LONDON collection need to contact me by 12/12 for more information.

Look forward to sharing it with you all!

Thursday, October 30, 2014

London In 3, 2, 1...

Nothing like going to England to make you take a long second look at your wardrobe. I must have tried on at least 20 outfits today, in all sorts of combinations, and that doesn't even include jewelry and accessories! Keeping in mind the November weather, the London sophisticated style, travel comfort and needing to take up as little space as possible in a bag, I've snagged some Kendry Bird staples, including:

*The Mod Dress. This is what I describe as my signature dress, because I can always count on it and have worn it for so many amazing days in my life since rescuing it from a second hand shop. It's truly a dress that people have come to associate with Kendry Bird.

*Kate Hudson for Ann Taylor dress. This dress is just plain sexy, while still being comfortable. I've only worn it a couple times, so it's perfect for a club, should I hit one up while in London. Watch out, English cuties!

*The Sparkly Black Skirt. This is another signature piece in my wardrobe. Since buying it a few years ago, I've worn it maybe 100 times. It never goes out of style, it never stops being fun, and it always makes people smile. It's getting a bit old and the sequins sometimes scratch my skin, but there's always a little pain in the name of fashion, right?

Only a few days away now! Can't wait to head to England after years and years of dreaming of it!

Wednesday, October 29, 2014

1989, Taylor Swift, and Sexism in Media

1989 just came out, and everyone’s talking about how Taylor Swift has grown up so much and finally made an album that people are proud to listen to. But she’s actually had great songs for a few years now… you just never heard them.

Part of the problem with Taylor Swift as a brand is that her singles are rarely her best songs, and the general public doesn’t realize how much better she is on the album tracks than the 3 minute megahit you hear on the radio every half hour. While I can appreciate the histrionics of faux dystopian revolutionary freedom fighter Matt Bellamy or the sparkling, earthy wails of witchy Florence Welch or fae-like Christina Perri, Taylor Swift seems to veer closest to silly when she’s leading a brash singalong about never getting back together or life at 22, complete with self-deprecating spoken-word comments.

In her quieter moments, though? Taylor Swift is an impressive songwriter. By her second album she showed potential, but it was her third album when she really blossomed. Her specific images, much like Lorde’s, are so pointed and vivid that they create a universal feeling. Never is she better than when she’s describing a scene:

I walked through the door with you, the air was cold,
But something ‘bout it felt like home somehow and I
Left my scarf there at your sister’s house,
And you still got it in your drawer even now.

Oh, your sweet disposition and my wide-eyed gaze.
We’re singing in the car, getting lost upstate.

Much has been said about Taylor Swift writing from personal experience, though I would venture to say people who think that’s odd or problematic aren’t writers. Writers draw from the well of their experiences. Her songs have become stronger as they’ve become more specific and evocative, drawn so directly from life experience that sometimes you feel more like you’re reading her diary.

Some of her best lyrics, from “Innocent”, show her ability to craft devastating poetry out of more subtle images and words:

Wasn’t it easier in your lunchbox days?
Always a bigger bed to crawl into
Wasn’t it beautiful when you believed in everything?
And everybody believed in you?

Some of her other best songs (“Enchanted”, “The Last Time”, “Holy Ground”, “State of Grace”, “Long Live”) deal in similar deep subject matter, delicately impacting word play.

One of the other greatest issues with Taylor Swift has always been the is she/isn’t she media storm that has always surrounded her. Much of that isn’t her fault, of course, because fame came to her very early, before she could form opinions on a range of adult issues like feminism, relationships and sex.  In the early days she, much like I did once, bought into an image of herself as a pure, innocent, chaste girl in a world of handsome boys and mean cheerleaders. She played the outsider by way of tennis shoes and t-shirts and glasses. The sexist media, sensing an opportunity to cause trouble, latched onto her ideas and multiplied them in every article, every interview, laughing and pointing at this “good girl” who was also dating boys. Taylor Swift, like many other girls that age, struck back by insisting that she was not “one of those girls.” The cycle of viciousness spiraled downward from there, until at some point she broke out of her media-spun dichotomy and realized you can love love, love relationships, love boys, date often and still wear 1950s dresses and be a good person. There are no “other girls” to not be like. Women can be as complicated and multifaceted as men, despite what the sexist media says.

To me, 1989 is that realization in one album. It’s less apologetic about romance, it’s more honest about flaws in both side of every relationship. The style of the songs feels drawn from Lorde, from Lana Del Rey, from other women who have been strong in their message from the beginning. The songs are cohesive and interesting and mature. And the songwriting is good.

Friday, October 17, 2014

Project Runway's Christopher Palu: Indiegogo, Nina Garcia, and Becoming an Internet Meme

Christopher Palu gives off the vibe of Project Runway royalty, between his indie-chic personal style and his cool attitude. If you think you don’t know Chris Palu yet, you definitely do… he’s the reason for the “it’s red!” meme that circled tumblr, facebook, twitter and every other form of social media last year. Chris is now working on an indiegogo project, but he took a few minutes to answer my questions about his gorgeous fashion illustrations, Nina Garcia’s judging, what he’s been listening to lately, and of course, how he feels about becoming an internet meme...

Q: It’s such an honor to have you, Chris! You have a huge fanbase and I’ve gotten a lot of requests to have you as a guest on the blog. So I’ll start out by asking- what would you like to say to your fans?

I would like to say thank you for the out-pour of love and support. Thank you, because without the public the show wouldn’t have the success it does.

Q: Your design sketches are just incredible. Have you ever considered compiling them for a book?

I have not. I have so many sketches I don’t know what I would want to compile into a book! However, I have always wanted to illustrate a children’s book. But it is definitely something to consider thank you!

Q: If you do that, I’ll be first in line to grab one. Now, you had a few tense moments on Project Runway when you stood up for yourself, which many of us found refreshing to see. What was the most intimidating moment on either season of PR that you participated in?

I mean…That whole Seaweed Green comment from Nina was very dramatic. I didn’t know how to accept/respond to her without throwing it back at her, so I said “Thank you “. Obviously I wasn’t thanking her for that comment I was thanking her for her critique which hadn’t been constructive and defeats the whole purpose of judging. Let me give you a bit of insight; Being on that Runway and having industry professionals judge your garment, and rip you apart while making all of the other judges laughing while doing so, is horrifying. It is a bad portrayal of the industry, it’s embarrassing and immature.

This isn’t high school where you can all point and laugh at something, and be the cool kids. We stand up there, we should be respected as adults and spoken to as professionals… I really feel that it can get a bit out of hand during critiques.

Q: Maybe it’s because I have such a flair for the dramatic, but I really loved your black feather dress for the season 10 avant-garde challenge. If you could go back and change anything about that dress now, would you change anything, or leave it exactly as you had it?

Thank you. I would change the fit of the bodice and make it overall a bit more interesting,dramatic and extravagant to fit the Avante Garde theme. Those time crunches really get you!

Q: Having met you briefly at Fashion Week, I can attest to your hair game being really strong. Would you say NYC inspires your personal style and art?

Absolutely, living in NY my whole life definitely inspired my style and taste. I love exciting luxury and all the rest that NY has to offer.

Q: What’s your greatest advice for curvy and plus-size fashionistas who want to look great?

Wear your size! No one wants to look like they are popping out of their skinny jeans or drowning in an ill fitting blazer. I would say find the best clothes that compliment your figure and buy your size! Things that cinch the waist always looks great on everyone especially curvier girls.

Q: Okay, you know I have to ask about this… your “it’s red” quote has been used on the internet in every way possible. As someone who grew up in the age of the internet, how do you feel about that? Have you ever had a surreal “Oh my God, I’ve become a meme!” moment?

I just see it like “oh there it is again.” I love that people found it funny because that was the height of the stress for me and I started to lose myself.

Q: What’s next for you, career-wise and how can your fans keep up with what you’re doing?

Right now I am building my own line Christopher Palu New York. I showed my Spring 2015 collection in Austin Texas and currently have a crowd funding Indiegogo Campaign set up for the public to help me out in Producing this collection.

You can find it here and every little bit helps! There are even a couple of fun perks to choose from to receive a fun personalized gift!

Q: Awesome! So everyone can check that out, support you and even get a little something in exchange. Very cool. Finally, what song are you really grooving out to lately?

I don’t really have a specific song, I love my Spotify and listening to the Infinite Indie Playlist!

Thank you, Chris!

Here’s “So Now You Know” by the Horrors, an amazing song featured on Spotify’s Infinite Indie Playlist.

 Follow Chris on twitter:

Tweet me your comments/requests for interviews: @kendrybird

Tuesday, October 14, 2014

See Karen Batts' New Collection and Help End Child Trafficking

The lovely Karen Hulse Batts will participate this month in a charity fashion event to help end child trafficking. I had the pleasure of chatting with Karen last year for, and then spent some time with her this spring in NYC. She's got a golden heart, great sense of humor and a truly creative mind. If you have a chance to attend the event, you absolutely should! Fashion and a good cause? Perfect.

Take a look at the website for the event here:
Buy tickets:

Sunday, October 12, 2014

Kendry Bird October Style Files

This month has been a tough one in a lot of respects, so far, but I've tried to make sure to keep true to my love of color, eccentricity and good old fun when it came to style, at least.

Here's some snaps from October so far:

Friday, October 3, 2014

A Moment With... Project Runway's Melissa Fleis

Melissa is truly a woman on the go, always up to her ears in creative work (making amazing clothes, snapping gorgeous pics for her instagram account, modeling aforementioned clothes, etc), and usually rocking some incredible shade of lipstick to boot.

I was able to track her down briefly to ask a few questions about her Defiant collection. If you haven't seen her Defiant collection, do yourself a favor and take a look right now. Right now! And drool away with me...

*The Defiant collection is just insane in the best possible way. It feels like you took every single one of your badass strengths and put them together into one. What was the spark or beginning point for this collection?

I think you actually nailed it right there! For me this collection was an accumulation of everything I wanted to wear within a week - both day, and night. It all can be styled in so many ways, depending upon the woman and her immediate needs. I love giving my clients that piece she can wear to death, time and time again. 

*Who is your customer for this collection?

This collection is for the woman who is defiant of fads and trends. She dresses to her own beat. She wants to look put together, while still being comfortable. She is not afraid of wearing the same thing multiple times a week. She is independent. She is cool. 

*Every time we talk, we have to talk makeup, since you’re a lipstick goddess. What lip colors are you really feeling for fall 2014?

I'm currently searching for a shade that is in between a blood orange and burnt orange hue. If anyone has a recommendation, please feel free to tweet it my way!

*What’s your best advice for curvy fashionable ladies who are heading into fall and want to look amazing?

Accentuate the curves you have been given, and layer appropriately. 

*Finally, where can we buy pieces from your incredible new collection?

You can purchase the new pieces through my website at, at Dish in Hayes Valley, Olivia in Los Altos, and Church in Los Angeles.

Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Fashion, Kindness and Bollywood: Interview with Project Runway's Sandhya Garg

Recently I chatted with Sandhya about Project Runway, fashion, kindness, Bollywood and lots more.

And so, if you had something you could say to your fans that maybe are frustrated with Korina, would you say that they need to give her another chance, as well?

"Yes, you all need to give Korina another chance. All of us make mistakes. We all have moments where we have not been able to be the best of who we could. I'm sure Korina is working on herself and is a very nice person, so give her another chance."

 I've heard from many of the designers from Project Runway that you're so tired all the time, and you don't get any sleep, and it can be really stressful. And that can sometimes bring out things we wouldn't say if we were rested...

"Exactly, that too. We sleep, what, six, seven hours a day? And we are on camera pretty much the whole day. It's really, really stressful, we hardly get any breaks, so we have to give each other the benefit of the doubt."


Half Lucid Jewelry is on Facebook!

Finally, Half Lucid Jewelry has made a home on Facebook. You can visit and like the page here:

And I've recently marked down several items in the etsy store, so make sure to check that out:

Monday, September 22, 2014

Fäde Zu Grau: Project Runway, Dance-Offs and What's Next

There's some things about Project Runway that seem almost predictable at times- the drama queen that will stick around for three extra episodes than their talent deserves, just for the sake of some juicy content, for instance- but there are other moments that take you very much by surprise.

Throughout Project Runway's big 13th season, I had a few people pegged early on as finalists, and one of those was Fäde Zu Grau. Fäde's designs are consistently interesting and on trend with their pop-art messages, some snarky and some optimistic. Despite the (wacky) decision made by the judges, Fäde earned himself a place in the hearts and television sets (and computer screens) of Project Runway and fashion fans the world over. We all agree on one thing- he deserved more time on the show. I spoke with him recently about Project Runway and his plans for the future...

*You made all of your own clothes for the show, is that right?
 yes, i did! clothes and also the necklaces, bags, and most hats.

*Your decoy final collection was just incredible, with pop messages and denim details. Did you feel pressure while making the collection, or do you think you actually felt a level of relief that some of the other contestants didn’t feel, since you knew you were showing your clothes to the world, rather than just to the judges again?
definitely i felt the pressure making the collection. i actually had a hyperventilating moment [giggle] in the first week of working on it. that was a turning point and from then on i no longer tried to anticipate what anybody wants to see from me and started doing what i wanted to do. the pieces just flew off the sewing machine. i love every single look that i created.

*During the show, you seemed to never get enough airtime. Was there a lot that happened that we didn’t see, or are you just generally very quiet overall?
we had HIL-ariouzzz runway "walk off's" in the work room and even in the kitchen. i was teaching the models some dance moves with ridiculously amusing results. plus amanda, sean, alexander and i were often laugh/snorting our behinds off... lots of stuff but hardly anything made it into the episodes.

*That's really too bad. I feel like that sort of stuff is what we, as the viewers, want to see, more than the hyped up catfights! Speaking of which... Amid a lot of loud moments in Project Runway history-- on-screen engagements, catfights, photographers getting punched--- I would say your tearful admission that you’d be going home soon seemed like one of the heavier and more powerful ones. Was there a lot of pressure that led up to that moment, or did that challenge just really get under your skin?
coming from men's wear and only having a couple of weeks of experience in women's wear in preparation for the show i doubted myself too much throughout the challenges. in hindsight it's sooo silly but at the time it just kept building up until the moment i was auf'd.

*Despite an unfairly small amount of screen time, you picked up countless fans along the way, including many very vocal fans over at the Blogging Project Runway site. They all want to know the same thing- when will they be able to buy your clothes?
fans from around the world, yes. brazil, mexico, denmark, germany, venezuela... even in sweden people are watching project runway! i now get recognized at airports, hotel lobbies and nightclubs... sooo weird. i always take time for every single person that writes or approaches me. i very much appreciate their feedback. hopefully by the end of the year i've found an investor or bought the correct lotto ticket and this whole thing will take off. right now it is still too crazy to produce anything. but i keep all correspondence and will notify everybody who contacted me as soon as stuff becomes available.

*Please do! Though I have a feeling that list will be a very long list before long, as people the world over catch up on the season. Sometimes even a year later, new fans discover designers on the show. How can your fans help you, so you can create pieces they can buy?
the fans are FA-büløüzzz, but i think i need an investor to come forward. i really would like to work with local artists and don't have everything produced overseas on the backs of other people. the environmental impact of doing business like that also really bothers me so i like to support and work locally. i'm not in it to get rich, just being happy.

*What’s the best way for your fans to keep up with what you have going on?
facebook is probably the best way to keep up. also my website, where i will post everything from my fashion week collection with additional images especially from the back of each look. hardly anybody knows that i had an "x" theme going on the back but the only photos surfacing are from the front. everything will be shown on my site in more detail and close-ups. i'm also on instagram when i find the time and a little bit on twitter. though, i consider myself semi-intelligent, i still don't understand twitter! chuckle. just don't get it.

Finally, what's your current favorite:
my all-time favorite song is "malcolm mclaren feat. catherine deneuve - paris paris", the only song i can listen to for 17 hours on repeat without getting tired of it.

BUT... also, i just recently discovered "boom boom room - here comes the man", an 80's track that i MUST listen to every day at least 7934 times or i would feel incomplete. please help!

AND... a friend of mine just introduced me to "chvrches - now is not the time". sooo fabulous!

*Item of clothing (by you or by someone else):
almost daily i'm wearing an old white long-sleeve shirt with my "atheist' print on the front. many people come up and talk to me about it. not a single negative reaction so far. in person or even online. not that i have seen.

no time to look around, really... but i plan on gathering soon all that's out there now about me. most likely then i will come across some fab sites.

Thursday, September 18, 2014

New Boots- Thanks JustFab!

So, if you haven't checked out JustFab yet, you're missing out! This subscription-service company works just like Fabletics (who I also adore) and allows you to choose from countless amazing shoe, bag, clothes and accessories options each month. Your first purchase usually comes at a heavily discounted rate, too, like mine did.

I chose the Sharona bootie, because it'll be a perfect fit for my upcoming London trip. They were only $9.99, including shipping! Suuuuch a great deal, and they look super cute.

You can get something new every month or skip however many months you want. If you're going to try it out, use this link so I can get free shoes (or bags!)

Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Half-Lucid Jewelry's Babecatchers Featured in a Magazine

A pair of my Babecatcher earrings was featured in this gorgeous shoot for NFocus Louisville, chosen by Project Runway's Gunnar Deatherage. Love it!

Grab your own pair of custom (or already made) Babecatchers:
Photo source:

Getting Ready for All-Stars? Get to Know Your Designers...

Tweet tweet, Kendry Bird here!

I can't even explain how excited I am to see some of my favorite designers coming back to television. This could be a show where we just follow these creative people in their day-to-day lives and I'd be happy, but it is, of course, a competition show. Everyone will be vying for top prize!

To get you ready for October 30th, I've compiled a list of interviews I've done with Dmitry, Michelle, Fabio, Kate, Alexandria, and Gunnar. Some are radio interviews and some are print, so dig right in and get to know everyone. Comment below about your favorites and requests for interviews with these or other designers.

Happy Wednesday, fashionistas!


Interview with Fabio Costa
 Interview with Dmitry Sholokhov
Interview with Alexandria Von Bromssen 

Intervew with Kate Pankoke
Interview with Michelle Lesniak


Interview with Gunnar Deatherage

Interview with Dmitry Sholokhov (2014)

You'll want to keep an eye out for my interview with Project Runway's Fade Zu Grau. It's gonna be awesome!

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Some Very Exciting Project Runway News...

First of all, here at KendryBird I try not to pick favorites, because I have the opportunity to talk to countless talented, lovely, exciting and creative people. That being said, I can't help admitting a special excitement to hear that my personal fashion favorite, Dmitry Sholokhov, will be back on TV in October!

Dmitry, along with a group of incredibly talented PR alum, will be part of the Project Runway All Stars S4. Some other KendryBird favorites among the group are Michelle Lesniak, Fabio Costa, Gunnar Deatherage and Alexandria Von Bromssen.

Here's the EW write-up for it.... can't wait!

Also, I'm incredibly honored to announce some upcoming guests here at the blog- Fade Zu Grau, to talk about his time on the show, his decoy collection and how you can purchase his pieces; Melissa Fleis, a favorite here at the KendryBird blog and IPMNation studios, talking about her Defiant Collection, and the lovely Dom Streater, to talk about fall fashion, tumblr and what she'd design for Tom Hiddleston.

Here's a great new song for you to rock out to, fashionistas, and let the posts begin!

Sunday, September 7, 2014

Fashion Week

Last September I was in New York City in September for Mercedes Benz Fashion Week. My 3 1/2 days in the city were a whirlwind of fashion shows, long lines, rooftop parties, late-night drinks and meeting amazing new people. I snagged some freebies at the Lincoln Center and chatted with countless designers, models, makeup artists and photographers.

There's a certain "missing out" feeling one can't help experiencing when they attend Fashion Week one year and then don't get to return the next year. You see pictures of fabulous street fashion, you see celebrities making appearances, and you see gorgeous new collections from your favorite designers.

But Fashion Week got me thinking about all of the incredibly talented people I've spoken with over the last few years, though, and I plan to catch up with some of them here soon.

So watch this space! And enjoy all of the MBFW shots with me, hmmm?

Thursday, August 21, 2014

Cory Wade Hindorff's Triumphant ANTM Return

Perhaps the most satisfying part of the season premier of America's Next Top Model Cycle 21 (aside from the always fabulous and inspirational Tyra being both fabulous and inspirational) was seeing Cory back onscreen again! Looking more comfortable and confident than ever, he introduced the new season to both the contestants and viewers. Cory has a certain power and charisma to his body language that many people struggle for and don't quite achieve, and I can't help thinking a lot of that is due to his positive nature and intelligence.

Seriously, check out his Facebook and follow him on Twitter. And listen in to my interview with him from earlier this year:

Here's a picture of Cory and Tyra during the premier, snagged from Cory's instagram: Follow Cory for more pics!

Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Living, and Loving Life... Even With Panic Disorder

Yesterday I made this as a reminder to myself about how I need to face life with anxiety and severe panic attacks. I don't talk about my condition in public very often but I wanted to share this:

My name is Kendra L. Saunders. I'm a published author, fashion blogger, music store nerd, frequent traveler...and I also suffer from severe panic attacks.

With much love from some special friends and family, I'm working hard to battle my panic and depression, and love life with all of its challenges. It's not easy, but as the lyrics to one of my favorite songs says, "I live, but I love this life." (Coldplay)

A few of the important things I've learned recently are:

*We all have quirks, strengths and weaknesses. Just because someone else seems to have a perfect life doesn't mean they do. Just because we feel we have overwhelming odds against us doesn't mean we need to give up.

*Anxiety is fear of fear. It's fear that you will be afraid, you will react badly, you will suffer again out of fear of something that has or hasn't happened. Knowing this helps take away some of its strength.

*We don't usually see our best moments coming any more than we see the bad ones coming. Just because we've had a series of unexpected misfortunes doesn't mean we'll never have another moment of happiness. It's all fluid, it changes, and it goes up as well as down.

*Look back to your favorite memories to be reminded that you got through darkness and found light, not to make yourself feel bad for what's happening right now in your life.

*Most panic attacks only last five minutes if you don't fight them or feed into them. Only FIVE minutes! That's not so bad, really, is it? Just let your body do its panic thing, tell yourself you're going to let it happen for five minutes and wait it out. The more you accept it in the moment, the faster it will pass.

*You are more than your mental illness, depression or anxiety. You are a multifaceted human being with loved ones, dreams, talents, and a future. Accept your dragon, whatever form it takes- anxiety, depression, etc- and then say, "This is MY dragon. And I will fight it." Battle it, but remember that it is yours, it's a part of you, and that's okay, but it is not all you are made of.

*When panic begins to form inside you, just tell yourself, "This is it! Another challenge! And when I beat this one, I'll be one step closer to being panic-proof!" Think of it however works best for you- imagine battling your anxiety in a video game, or imagine a big calendar with check marks, each day and each check getting you close to vacation, aka the end of feeling so overwhelmed by your anxiety.

*Something that a very sweet person told me recently made a huge difference with my panic attacks. She told me to think of what made me feel most alive. Think of it fully, in detail. She said some people think of a person who is vibrant and colorful, some think of a beach or a fond memory. For me, its the Tick Tock Diner in NYC. I'm stepping off the bus, I'm turning right off the bus and adjusting my backpack strap and popping my headphones in, looking up at the late-afternoon sky, listening to cars and trucks roll by, half-noticing the tourists buying cheap scarves and bags and pictures of Marilyn Monroe, smelling second-hand-smoke and burned hot dogs. It's my happy place. It's where I feel alive. When I feel like I'm about to lose control of my anxiety, I tell myself that I'm there, I will BE THERE again, and let that soak clear through to the cells of my being. Find your happy place, find what makes you MOST ALIVE. Be there. Live in that moment, always.

Living with panic disorder can sometimes feel like you're not living at all, but you're not alone, and there is always a new opportunity for you to fight- and win- whatever is holding you back. Much love to you, and feel free to tweet me anytime if you need to talk about this. @kendrybird

Thursday, July 31, 2014

A Fashionable #TBT

Tonight's a new episode of Project Runway, so here's a #TBT to Fashion Week last year, with some wonderful ladies.

What was your favorite moment at NYFW'13? Who are you rooting for on PR this season?

Thursday, July 24, 2014

Get Healthy and Happy Playlist #1

No matter what you're facing right now- money issues, relationship troubles, work stress or anxiety, getting out for a nice invigorating walk can make things just that much better. Here's some songs that helped me take a mental and physical health-boosting walk today, and have lots of fun while doing it!

(Catgroove by Parov Stelar can make anyone dance, trust me!)

(Gold Rush by Clinton Sparks ft 2 Chainz and Macklemore is so much fun!)

(I Belong to You by Muse puts a smile on your face and that clarinet puts a bounce in your step!)

(Attack 61 by Chris Corner gets you pumped!)

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Fashion Spotlight: Fabletics, and Why You Need Some Camo Leggings

As a typical modern woman, I would describe my life in one word as "busy." Or maybe "stressed," if I was being more honest. These days we have more to do than ever before, especially if we are single and supporting ourselves while also building a career in the arts (hands up, ladies! Who knows what I'm talking about?) Fitting in time for relaxation, time with friends and self-care can be difficult.

One aspect of self-care that I've noticed always helps the most is working out. It's not that I'm an outdoors person (this girl? You'll never find me in the mountains or on a long hike. Noooo way), but the practice of mental quiet and physical exertion allows me to disappear into another, private world for a short time.

Working out involves time, though, and for those of us who don't have much time for anything, it can get pushed to the bottom of the list. When that happens, many of us find ourselves in poorer shape than we'd like to be in and experience low self-esteem. This cycle of negativity can send someone down a path of even worse health and anxiety.

Enter Fabletics, an upbeat and refreshing lifestyle brand that works hard to provide AFFORDABLE and ATTRACTIVE workout gear for gals of all sizes, shapes, ages and financial situations. Fabletics encourages far more than a cute shirt for yoga, though; the company regularly shares well-being messages and tips, speaks to their audience with a refreshingly conversational voice, and genuinely supports women in all of their crazy modern lifestyles.

It's hard to get this girl out of a dress, and even more so into a pair of anything resembling pants, but I'm amazed to say that my first Fabletics outfit lived up to the hype- not only did I put it on immediately and head outside for a walk, but I actually wanted to wear it on errands-- and did! Putting on a cute workout outfit can really motivate you to take even small steps in the right direction. Whoohoo, confidence boost!

My outfit is called Seconde, and features the most comfortable (and sexy!) camo workout leggings in the universe. Seriously, slip into a pair of them and tell me you don't want to wear them all the time! The tank top is loose and swingy and looks very nice, though it should be noted the back./sides hang pretty low, so if that's a problem area for you, you might want to choose a different tank. And that workout bra! Love it!

Fabletics provides another cool service... you sign up for their VIP program, get your first 3-piece outfit at a greatly discounted price, and then receive outfit suggestions at the beginning of each month (you can choose to buy or skip your selections each month). Fabletics also offers accessories now, including cool water bottles.

(Outfit: Fabletics. Bag by Payton Designs.Visit Payton Designs tumblr and Instagram)

As a long time fan of Kate Hudson, I'm truly excited to see her sunny and positive vibes shining through the Fabletics brand.

(Kate wearing Fabletics. The camo leggings are the bomb, truly)

Do yourself a favor and pick something up NOW! And tell them Kendry Bird sent you, because Kendry Bird can always use more gorgeous workout gear ;)

Thursday, July 17, 2014

A Moment With... Project Runway's Leanne Marshall

I had the opportunity to ask Leanne Marshall a few questions recently. Read on for her answers and some gorgeous photos from her fashion show last September!

Q: I attended your show at NY Fashion Week, September 2013. Your collection was just stunning, with brilliant punches of color (that pink!) Are bright colors going to work their way into your creative palette again?

Q: Your Instagram is full of Wes Anderson-esque warm and lush photographs of your work and your adventures in life, including some jealousy-inducing travel snaps. Any tips for fashionistas who want to create their own aesthetic on Instagram?

Pictures that compliment each other and are very appealing to flowers. Avoid TMI photos. People are rarely interested in your food (unless the plating is extraordinary) and they never care yo see you waiting at the doctor's office. 
Q: What accessory or item of clothing is currently rotating heavily in YOUR wardrobe?

Items from the ROSS Dress for Less binge that I just had in Portland.

Q: At Kendry Bird, we promote body positivity and body diversity. What's your best advice for curvy fashionistas who want to look great? 

Wear what you feel amazing in. If you feel fantastic, that is exactly what the world will see. If you question your look, they will too. That advice goes for everyone, with every body type.

Q: What can your fans do to support you and your work?

They can follow me on instagram: LeanneMarshallDesigns and on facebook: LeanneMarshallOfficial.

Q: If you could create a wedding dress for anyone, including a fictional character, who would be your top wish?
Jennifer Lawrence.

Q: Thank you so much for your time, Leanne. It's so exciting to have you as a guest and I can't wait to see what you make next! Is there any last message you'd like to leave for your fans?

Thank you for all of the support through the years!

Friday, July 11, 2014

Wellbeing Spotlight: Pure Indulgence Day Spa

Yesterday I had the great opportunity to visit Pure Indulgence Day Spa in Concord, NH. A lady with gorgeous bubble-gum pink nails had mentioned Pure Indulgence to me as a fabulous spot for manicures and many other delights, so I made an appointment right away!

Once inside Pure Indulgence Day Spa, I was greeted by the most adorable French Bulldog in the world, five year old Petunia. Petunia wandered over to me for inspection and then retrieved her toy so we could play. Truly the best way to start any spa visit!

Just as friendly and wonderful was Pure Indulgence's owner, Heidi. Heidi greeted me personally, welcomed me in and told me a little about some of the services they offer (nails, facials, massages, oh my!) I was able to enjoy a relaxing cup of tea by a fireplace (fake, of course, since it was roasting hot outside) while looking through some fun magazines (Cosmo and Allure. Perfect!) After a very busy and sometimes painful last two months, it was wonderful to unwind somewhere so homey and pleasant.

Heidi, who received training from one of the most talented massage therapists (or massage WIZARDS, I would call her!) Amber Flanders, was able to communicate with me about my painful shoulder and the issues I have with my back and neck. She brought me to a cozy room and helped break up tension in my very, very unhappy muscles. As someone who has chronically tight muscles in the neck, shoulders and back, thanks to a lot of stress and a slightly misaligned spine (hellllllooo one shoulder that is an inch higher than the other!), this was a godsend. I carry my stress in my upper body usually, and Heidi knew just what to do to help it! Heidi is empathetic and just as great with working magic on sore muscles as Amber.

You should definitely make a visit to Pure Indulgence next time you're in the area. Everything is wonderful from the moment you walk in the door until the moment you leave, including the relaxing music and smells you'll experience. I can't wait to get back and try my very first facial at Pure Indulgence... but that will be an adventure for another blog post!

-Kendry Bird

Pure Indulgence is located at  244 N Main St Concord, New Hampshire

Call to make an appointment: (603) 228-7873
Like them on facebook:
Tell them that Kendry Bird sent you!

 (If nothing else, you have to visit to meet Petunia!)

Sunday, July 6, 2014

Kendry Bird's Top 4 Girl Crushes


 One of my earliest memories is of sitting at the foot of our baker's rack, staring at my mom's record collection. We kept our ancient record player on the bottom section of the rack, along with the small collection of records that my parents had hobbled together over the years. It was my mom's records, though, that fascinated me the most, especially one in particular... Stevie Nicks' Bella Donna. Stevie looked like a mythical princess to my eyes, wearing a gorgeous dress and holding a bird with the same doe-eyed enchantment of a Disney character. I wanted to know more about her and vowed to myself that someday I would find out where she'd come from and go there, since obviously it was a magical place.

Stevie stuck with me as a point of inspiration throughout my life. She's enigmatic and powerful, a songwriter to rival all songwriters, and she's not married. Something about that has been hopeful for me, the eternally single, career-minded writer with a taste for dresses and magic. Her song, "Juliet" is one of my favorite songs ever, because every strange, poetic and mysterious word of it relates in some fractured way to my life.

And I'd still love to raid her closet.


Around 18 or 20, I remember picking up a copy of a fashion magazine at the library, and Kate was the cover story. She said something about how she would go to school without makeup, with zit cream on her face. At the time, that was revolutionary for me. I’ve always struggled a lot with self image and weight issues and whatnot, and still do even now (see: yesterday), but that was so inspirational. Here was this successful woman saying she didn’t have to always look 100%, she could admit to NEEDING zit cream… I mean, it was a crazy thing for me to read. It stuck with me, though, and I’ve been TeamKate ever since. She gets so much crap for a number of things, namely her personal/romantic life and her weight, and I’ve always thought it was unfair. She’s chipper, optimistic, funny and likes food and great clothes. I can get behind that! She’s pretty unapologetic about herself, and maybe that’s the problem people have with her… she’s a woman who’s not afraid to say she likes guys... a lot! She’s not afraid to say she’s weighed 185lbs. She’s also a killer cool mom and has dabbled in making kickass dresses (see: my Ann Taylor dress) and athletic wear and all kinds of other cool stuff, while not making fabulous movies. To me, that’s awesome.

Kate was also the one who introduced me to my love of designer fashion. Her iconic dress, eleven years ago now, stopped me in my tracks in a grocery store while I flipped through a magazine. From that moment, I paid more attention to designers, red-carpets and fashion in general. That dress still stands out as one of my favorite red-carpet moments.

(The legendary 2003 dress!)


Much like Stevie Nicks before her, Florence Welch is an enigmatic, mysterious, gorgeous creature who seems to have flown directly out of a painting or a fantasy novel. Her songs are about love and life and death but they're also about magic and lights and spells. I was fascinated by her since she was first featured in Q magazine, and started listening to her waaay before she became popular in the US (there's my hipster moment for you)

On top of being all of those things, she's also the same age as me and has a similar eccentric taste in clothes. Whether she's wearing a dress from the 1930s, a peasant blouse, a short short skirt, a flowing dress made for a queen or a bathing suit with giant flowery shoulders, she's always a spectacle. And her voice could shake the foundations of the world. What an incredible woman!


Much like Kate Hudson, Heidi Klum is a positive influence with a lot of ambition and power behind her. I've always admired her open-minded approach to life, arms open and a big smile on her face. She's not afraid to say what she thinks about things and she's not afraid to have fun. She's also a mom to four kids (FOUR!) and has a career that most of us would die for. And hello? She's WAY gorgeous. Because of my opportunities to know so many lovely people from Project Runway, I've heard stories about Heidi from behind the scenes. She lives up to the hype, and she continues to inspire me on so many levels. This is a woman who still did her own taxes until a few years ago, revitalized the Victoria's Secret brand, helped create Project Runway AND saved her children from a riptide. Respect.

(One of my all time favorite Heidi looks!)

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