Saturday, October 26, 2013

Miranda Kay Levy's Kickstarter Has 5 Days to Go!

Miranda Kay Levy, a recent guest of mine on IPMNation, has only 5 days left of her kickstarter. You can help her out by donating anything or by sharing her kickstarter link. She only needs to raise $580 more to make her goal... come on guys, you can help her do this! 

Miranda's offering custom lipglosses, cool scarves and a lot of other great stuff as pledge prizes. Plus, if you donate $50, she may or may not make me a killer hot plaid pencil skirt. (And really, I need one of those!) Tweet, reblog, repost and share!

In case you don't know about Miranda, she's a Project Runway Season 12 contestant, a veteran and all around a very cool gal. I hung out with her at Fashion Week and we talked about super heroes, clothes, high heels, expensive wine and lots of other great stuff.

Get to it, fashionistas!

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