Thursday, June 19, 2014

Send Kendry Bird to England!

The Kendry Bird blog and its stylish owner would very much like to visit England this year for a research trip (for novels), to visit friends and to get some insider looks at English style.

You can help me get there by picking up a piece or two of Half-Lucid jewelry here or making a donation through Paypal to (any donation over $15 will get a postcard from England once I return to the US. US addresses only though, please!)

 See more here!

Once over there, you could expect photos of street style, a full write-up and maybe even some interviews with some stylish English ladies (and gents!) Ultimately I'd love the trip to take place in late September over to early October, so please share this link to your friends who love great jewelry and order some Half-Lucid! :)

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