Saturday, November 7, 2015

IIMUAHII's Raw, Intimidating, Tech-Punk SS2016 Collection

As a sci fi author AND a fashion lover, I can't help completely losing my mind when designers bring those two worlds together. Once again, IIMUAHII creator and Project Runway finalist Elena Slivnyak has done just that... and this time she's also done it with perhaps one of the most incredible lookbooks I've ever seen.

Something straight out of a blue and silver-toned scifi dystopian move set, the SS2016 collection features stark photographs of angular, intimidating, and tech-punk designs. These are not clothes for the meek. These are clothes for taking over galaxies, and treading on stars. Check it out...

Elena also recently shared information about her new tech-infused jacket on twitter... so cool!

View the full lookbook on IIMUAHII's facebook page and follow Elena on twitter @iimuahii

Photos credits:
Designer | Creative Director: Elena Slivnyak
Photographer: Kristina Varaksina
Model: Jennifer Nicole Roberts
3-D Designer: Remy Trappier
Hair: Jaymz Marez
Makeup: Janice Daoud
Styling Assistants: Lusha Wang and Lola Patricia

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  1. Beautiful photos :)
    Maria V.


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