Friday, December 2, 2016

Review: Syn Cosmetics

As a nightowl, I am always up a bit late, but some nights are worse than others. Despite doctors telling you to put away all electronics before attempting to fall asleep, I'll admit that my favorite insomnia cure is watching makeup videos and looking at pictures of gorgeous makeup before I drift off to sparkly dreams. It was on such a night recently that I discovered Syn Cosmetics, a Florida-based cosmetics brand.

Do you like glitter? Do you need some Syn Cosmetics in your life? Yes, you do.

I own a handful of the colors already, and will be getting more soon. Below are some examples of how I've worn it, and swatches I made!


In short? I'm totally obsessed. You should totally go order some and sparkle up your life!


  1. BEWARE!!!!!! I cannot begin to tell you all how disappointed I am with this company! I ordered the complete glitter and pigment collection on Black Friday. I FINALLY got my order the first part of January, after I emailed via Facebook, Instagram, their web page, and personal email SEVEN times with no response! I was only contacted after I contacted PayPal to get my money back. When my order arrived I noticed that I was missing several items. I emailed Kellen, the own of the company, to inform her of the missing items. I was ensured that they would be sent the next business day, January 17, 2017. I have yet to receive my missing items, and I have emailed Kellen twice since then. She has not answered my emails and I still don't have all of the product I ordered! BEWARE when purchasing from this company! They will take your money and not give you all of your product! I will be informing every one I can about their bad business practices! I would hate for others to lose out the way I have!

  2. I also purchased from this company. I did not receive my full oder. I tried contacting the company via Facebook and their website with no reply. Finally I contacted the owner and she told me that she would send my missing item and free products the next business day for the trouble. I was told I would receive a tracking number which I never did. Tried contacting again with no response. I will most likely not receive my missing item free products or a refund. This is the most dishonest company I've ever delt with. I will not be buying from them again. The owner herself pretty much lied right to me in her email. If you don't receive your full order you may as well give up because the company is unprofessional and will not fix it!

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