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Fashion Photographer Spotlight: Che Correa

 Sometime in late 2012, I was far from home physically and metaphorically, wandering the spectacular movie-set-quality TeslaCon event in Wisconsin. TeslaCon is famous the world over for its genius visual and immersive experience, created by Eric Larson. Between jetlag, though, and a stomach bug, I had spent most of the first two days of TeslaCon hiding out in my hotel room. By the third day, I reemerged to find that my friends were quite busy with their scheduled appearances at the event and I was quite alone, so I poked through the dealer room and ballroom. Along the way, I met a group of cool goths who looked as if they might have time traveled back from a war-torn, post-apocalyptic wasteland to share their desert-chic fashion sense and enjoy some cold beers, and a beautiful young woman wearing a colorful dress and some truly awesome glasses.

What started out as a chance encounter ended up becoming a night of laughter, whiskey shots, cheese sampling and an ongoing contact with photographer and cool nerd Che Correa.

Midwest-based Che Correa has an eye for dark subject matter, interesting lighting, and poses that are subtly provocative. Her style is perfectly jarring at times, and blends a feminine and masculine eye for fashion and shapes. Her personal style is enviable as well, mostly because she always looks so at-home in whatever she wears.

I had the opportunity to chat with her recently about her photography, her work for Cloud Orchid Magazine, an alternative fashion magazine that promotes fascinating new talent, and some tips she can give models who are interested in increasing their chances at landing gigs.

1. As a fashion photographer what is the most important thing you look for in models?

What I look for is the ability to transform into a character. To feel the emotion and transpire it onto the photograph. A grace and flow when it comes to the body and awareness of the light when posing.

2. Do you have certain settings that you prefer (indoor, outdoor, etc.)

Right now I'm working solely on studio settings. My ultimate goal would be to create my own sets or go to locations where I can create elaborate stories.

3. What is your advice for curvy fashionistas who are interested in becoming models?

Whether you are curvy or not, it is essential that you take care of your body. Your body is the tool you use the most to do your job, so take good care of it. Exfoliate, lotion, keep moisturized, and pamper your skin; condition and nurture your hair, etc. It shows when you walk in the door when you are trying to book a gig.

4. Who are some of the fashion designers you'd love to shoot for?

I would love to work with designers who love geometric shapes and pastel colors. That's why I really enjoy the works of Not Equal, which you happened to introduce me to. Also, I recently saw some of Amato Haute Couture gowns and they inspired me so much and Would love nothing more than to collaborate with them. I am also particular to masks and head dresses and one designer that stole my heart with her fabulous designs is Miss G Designs, from California.

5. I've seen that in your photographs, too, that eye for geometry. And NotEqual does certainly fit the bill, so I'm more than happy to have introduced you to their work. Now, you have to tell us a bit more about Cloud Orchid Magazine!

Cloud Orchid Magazine is a labor of love lead by my friends and partners in crime, Bryan Thompson and Little Alice. It is a magazine that focuses on Independent and new designers with a taste for Alternative Dark Fashions. We encourage designers with wild looks and fresh new designs to submit images for publication and love to see amazing photography showcasing the new fashions.

6. Very cool; designers, listen up! So, what do you think about Steampunk? We did, of course, meet at TeslaCon...

 I think Steampunk is the work of genius. The fashion is amazingly complicated and fun. The characters I've met make me want to dive right into that world and seriously never return. It is beautifully addictive and enchanting. I love it.

7. What is the best way for people to keep up with what you're doing?

The best way to keep up with via Facebook at facebook.com/CheCorreaPhotography, however, I also encourage people to follow me on other social media avenues, such as: 

Instagram: @fire_lies_within
Blog: http://checorreaphotography.wordpress.com/
Google +: +Che Correa.

8. If designers or models are interested in being featured in Cloud Orchid, who should they contact?

They should contact Bryan Thompson, Co-editor of Cloud orchid at Bryan@cloudorchid.com.

Thank you so  much to Che for the interview. I definitely suggest everyone check out her work, and follow her on social media. She promotes healthy lifestyle choices and posts interesting anecdotes about life as a photographer, as well as travel stories and links to art she loves.

**ALL photographs in this piece are courtesy and property of Che Correa. Do not post elsewhere, cut, or alter these photos.

(Me- far left, and Che, third from left, at TeslaCon! Photo courtesy of Cloud Orchid Magazine)

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