Monday, March 10, 2014

The Psychology of a Bangin' Outfit

I've talked before about how empowering it is to wear something on the outside that reflects whatever you feel on the inside (wild, colorful, loud, prim, classy, etc) but it still amazes me how we can all have days when we put an outfit together and it just doesn't work. Then we might try it again and later and... it just works. You're on fire, you feel amazing, and you don't hide from any cameras that might pop out at you.

Tonight I thought a lot about that very subject, while tearing through my closet in search of an outfit for an upcoming event, and saying things like "I have nothing to wear!" to my (very patient) sister. 2013 included a lot of major public appearances for me, including a book signing at the Book Expo America, several fashion shows at NYFW, an appearance at New York Comic Con, and a book signing in my home town. And then there was that 4 day trip to Ohio to visit with my best friend. Anytime a best friend is involved, especially one you only get to see once a year, you have to up your fashion game.

So here's a collection of some of my favorite outfits from 2013. Feel free to tweet me some pictures of your own, over at @kendrybird

 (Payton dress)
 (Top: Rue 21/ Skirt: Payton)
 (Dress: Dmitry Sholokhov/ Accessories: Half-Lucid Jewelry)
 (Jacket: Old Navy/ Earrings: Half-Lucid Jewelry)
 (Dress: thrifted/ Corset: Burlington Coat Factor/ Hat: thrifted/ Earrings: Half-Lucid Jewelry)

 (Dress: Dmitry Sholokhov/ Shoes: Charlotte Russe/ Earrings: Half-Lucid Jewelry)
 (Shirt: Ali & Kris/ Dress: Connected)
 (Dress: Lauren Conrad/ Earrings: Half-Lucid Jewelry/ Flower crown: Claire's)
(Dress: Payton/ Bracelet: NotEqual)


  1. Some great looks here! I haven't had a chance to visit before hon and I just LOVE the concept of "body positivity and diversity" - way overdue and sadly lacking in our culture (or I should say, "cult of the painfully starved and stick-thin".)

    (I tried logging in with my LJ account btw but blogspot doesn't like some of the characters in my url apparently *shrugs*)

    1. Thank you so much for stopping over! I'm still not very good with LJ, so I'm not sure what the trouble is. *shakes fist at technology*

      Body diversity IS definitely lacking. Even now it seems like we wheel between either the thinnest side of the scale or the biggest side. It's important for people to feel they have an option to feel great about themselves and behave in a healthy manner, no matter what their natural size. I'd like to celebrate that, and represent those of us who find ourselves somewhere in the middle of the scale. It's a big world out there, with a lot of wonderful people, and it's time to see more of them!


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