Sunday, April 6, 2014

10 Lbs

they say the camera adds 10 lbs
I think it adds 10 flaws
it flattens your hair but won't flatten your belly
stretches your skin too thin
smudges your 12-hour eyeliner, waterproof mascara
adds a ring to the bags under your eyes
highlights every wrinkle
sends you in a nervous rush to the drugstore for concealer
midlife crisis, 15 years early

add 10 stories to every picture
the laughter that made your eyes water
until your makeup slid down your cheeks
the drink that sent your brain to fizzy heights
the wink your friend cast across the table at you
just before he admitted he kind of liked you
the smile that made your eyes look squinty
the sweet, cold rain that refreshed you but ruined your hair
when you kissed him the first time
your quarter-life miracle, just in time

(For more of my poetry, check out my collection: GEMINIS AND PAST LIVES)

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