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Fashion Blogger Spotlight: Fashion Nexus

One of the coolest things about the internet is getting to connect with people you might not have gotten to otherwise. One very cool person I've connected with is Shannon, the creator of Fashion Nexus. Recently I had the honor of being the very first person to interview her.
Read on to see what we chatted about...

So, I've got you on the other side of the interview desk, as it were! Cool! How long ago did Fashion Nexus get its start, and what was the initial inspiration?

Fashion Nexus came to actualization last summer, June 1st, 2013 to be exact. The initial inspiration I guess came from a desire to write. I was taking a class last year where I was encouraged to write about fashion law topics. So I did and worked with a couple of online publications who published my work. But soon I saw I was ready to go bigger, to do more. And so I thought, why not try to work with my own blog, do my own thing and so I did! I knew it would be a great way to learn more about fashion and meet a lot of great people along the journey.  
In your time running the blog, was there any one post that stands out for you as one you’re especially proud of?

I can't think of one just because so many of my posts are special to me for one reason or another. When I write about a fashion show I feel so honored because I've been invited. When I do one of my fashion features I feel proud because I was creative with the topic. If I create a best dressed list I have such fun looking thru all of the images and really using my own voice in spite of what all of the other commentators are saying. With my fashion law category, it's great to be doing something different, to be combining my love of fashion with why I'm going to school. And then with posts for Project Runway or Under the Gunn, I enjoy writing about shows I love and being able to interact so much with other fans.
You write recaps of Project Runway, which many people love to read. Was there a favorite PR season to blog about? Any favorite PR designers?

I've watched PR for many years now so sadly I missed out on blogging in the past. And unfortunately a lot of my faves are from those missed seasons of blogging. I only began the reality world fun of blogging with season 12 forward. But I guess that was why blogging for PR All-Stars was a lot fun -- I could see some faves again and get to blog with my thoughts & opinions. My fave designers would have to be Christian Siriano, Irina Shabayeva, Kenley Collins and a few more. In fact, here is my very first piece written before Season 12 began, a top 10 list!
As a fashion and beauty blogger, do you receive a lot of cool products to try?

I've been very blessed & honored to be able to REALLY work and connect with the various designers I've covered for my blog. It's been great to have been gifted some amazing items. And even ones I am able to use on loan from time to time are still pretty awesome!

You’ve attended some great fashion shows. Which ones so far have been your favorites?

I pretty much love every fashion show I get invited to because it means a lot, it's always a good time, and I get so many unforgettable experiences in return. There have been some faves I attended, but I sadly didn't blog about. One was Monique Lhuillier for Fall 2013 and I was happy to attend, but my blog was not in formation as of yet. I also attended the Season 12 Project Runway finale, but didn't blog about at that time because I didn't want to share any spoilers! Nolcha Fashion Week at Chelsea Piers is always a blast -- so many amazingly talented emerging designers. I attended a pretty cool set-up with a show for Stephanie Burkhalter & KARO Swimwear. It stood out and was a lot of fun since it was at Ph-D lounge at the Dream Hotel Downtown. A few others to mention -- Desigual, Charlotte Ronson, Erin Fetherston, & Candela.
Many people know about my obsession with NYC. It's just the best city in America, in my humble opinion. I like to call it my future home, since I'm hoping to move there late this summer. You already live there, though. What’s your favorite thing about NYC?

I love what NYC represents for me -- a chance to live somewhere new after 25+ years in the same state. There is always new experiences to be had, new people to meet, and so much to do. It represents a new chapter in my life, actually more like several chapters! It's been such a joy to fill those pages.
Beautiful! Love it. What advice would you offer curvy fashionistas who want to look great?

I think the best advice I could offer is to embrace your body. I am not a size 2 so even I worry what a certain outfit might look like on me. But I find that when I'm not thinking about my body and just focusing on how much I love my look that I'm truly happy. There are some things you could do to achieve that mindset -- dress a little looser, not so skintight; bold prints/colors; or for dresses, ones that are not super short.
What’s the best way for people to keep up with your stylish adventures?

To keep up with my stylish adventures, you can check out 2 pages on my blog. My Fashion Diary & Fashion Week looks. On these pages, I catalog my fave looks, who I'm wearing, etc. I also share so much on Twitter so anyone who wants to stay in touch should definitely follow me -- @fashion_nexus!

My Fashion Diary

Finally, what’s your current favorite:

Lipstick -- My fave brand is Cover Girl, not sure of the shade I particularly wear all the time, the sticker fell off, but it's a nude with a pink tint. It's a great look to create a clean, fresh beauty look.

Movie -- Pitch Perfect

Thank you so much, Shannon! Can't wait to team up with you for some fashion-y adventures once I'm back in the city!

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