Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Fashion Spotlight: Fabletics, and Why You Need Some Camo Leggings

As a typical modern woman, I would describe my life in one word as "busy." Or maybe "stressed," if I was being more honest. These days we have more to do than ever before, especially if we are single and supporting ourselves while also building a career in the arts (hands up, ladies! Who knows what I'm talking about?) Fitting in time for relaxation, time with friends and self-care can be difficult.

One aspect of self-care that I've noticed always helps the most is working out. It's not that I'm an outdoors person (this girl? You'll never find me in the mountains or on a long hike. Noooo way), but the practice of mental quiet and physical exertion allows me to disappear into another, private world for a short time.

Working out involves time, though, and for those of us who don't have much time for anything, it can get pushed to the bottom of the list. When that happens, many of us find ourselves in poorer shape than we'd like to be in and experience low self-esteem. This cycle of negativity can send someone down a path of even worse health and anxiety.

Enter Fabletics, an upbeat and refreshing lifestyle brand that works hard to provide AFFORDABLE and ATTRACTIVE workout gear for gals of all sizes, shapes, ages and financial situations. Fabletics encourages far more than a cute shirt for yoga, though; the company regularly shares well-being messages and tips, speaks to their audience with a refreshingly conversational voice, and genuinely supports women in all of their crazy modern lifestyles.

It's hard to get this girl out of a dress, and even more so into a pair of anything resembling pants, but I'm amazed to say that my first Fabletics outfit lived up to the hype- not only did I put it on immediately and head outside for a walk, but I actually wanted to wear it on errands-- and did! Putting on a cute workout outfit can really motivate you to take even small steps in the right direction. Whoohoo, confidence boost!

My outfit is called Seconde, and features the most comfortable (and sexy!) camo workout leggings in the universe. Seriously, slip into a pair of them and tell me you don't want to wear them all the time! The tank top is loose and swingy and looks very nice, though it should be noted the back./sides hang pretty low, so if that's a problem area for you, you might want to choose a different tank. And that workout bra! Love it!

Fabletics provides another cool service... you sign up for their VIP program, get your first 3-piece outfit at a greatly discounted price, and then receive outfit suggestions at the beginning of each month (you can choose to buy or skip your selections each month). Fabletics also offers accessories now, including cool water bottles.

(Outfit: Fabletics. Bag by Payton Designs.Visit Payton Designs tumblr and Instagram)

As a long time fan of Kate Hudson, I'm truly excited to see her sunny and positive vibes shining through the Fabletics brand.

(Kate wearing Fabletics. The camo leggings are the bomb, truly)

Do yourself a favor and pick something up NOW! And tell them Kendry Bird sent you, because Kendry Bird can always use more gorgeous workout gear ;) 


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