Friday, July 11, 2014

Wellbeing Spotlight: Pure Indulgence Day Spa

Yesterday I had the great opportunity to visit Pure Indulgence Day Spa in Concord, NH. A lady with gorgeous bubble-gum pink nails had mentioned Pure Indulgence to me as a fabulous spot for manicures and many other delights, so I made an appointment right away!

Once inside Pure Indulgence Day Spa, I was greeted by the most adorable French Bulldog in the world, five year old Petunia. Petunia wandered over to me for inspection and then retrieved her toy so we could play. Truly the best way to start any spa visit!

Just as friendly and wonderful was Pure Indulgence's owner, Heidi. Heidi greeted me personally, welcomed me in and told me a little about some of the services they offer (nails, facials, massages, oh my!) I was able to enjoy a relaxing cup of tea by a fireplace (fake, of course, since it was roasting hot outside) while looking through some fun magazines (Cosmo and Allure. Perfect!) After a very busy and sometimes painful last two months, it was wonderful to unwind somewhere so homey and pleasant.

Heidi, who received training from one of the most talented massage therapists (or massage WIZARDS, I would call her!) Amber Flanders, was able to communicate with me about my painful shoulder and the issues I have with my back and neck. She brought me to a cozy room and helped break up tension in my very, very unhappy muscles. As someone who has chronically tight muscles in the neck, shoulders and back, thanks to a lot of stress and a slightly misaligned spine (hellllllooo one shoulder that is an inch higher than the other!), this was a godsend. I carry my stress in my upper body usually, and Heidi knew just what to do to help it! Heidi is empathetic and just as great with working magic on sore muscles as Amber.

You should definitely make a visit to Pure Indulgence next time you're in the area. Everything is wonderful from the moment you walk in the door until the moment you leave, including the relaxing music and smells you'll experience. I can't wait to get back and try my very first facial at Pure Indulgence... but that will be an adventure for another blog post!

-Kendry Bird

Pure Indulgence is located at  244 N Main St Concord, New Hampshire

Call to make an appointment: (603) 228-7873
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 (If nothing else, you have to visit to meet Petunia!)

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