Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Accessory Artist Spotlight: Shea Kreations

I first came across Shea Kreations at the suggestion of a dear friend, and was immediately impressed and excited by all of the unique designs and materials Shea Kreations features. The wonderful woman behind the art is Kat, and I recently had the honor of chatting with her about her art, her advice for women artists, and her suggestions for ladies who want to embrace their natural hair texture...

I'm so honored to have you as a guest! You have to tell us how you got the idea for the incredible, unique and gorgeous earrings you make!

-First, my name is Kat and I'm the artist behind the scenes of Shea Kreations. We are a family owned business for approximately three years. The idea to make custom handpainted earrings was just a thought. I was thinking of a way to bring out a person's personality without words, and also a way to boost one's esteem. After showing several friends they thought it was a good idea.

You love to wear your own earrings (understandably). Have you ever made earrings to sell and then just had to keep them?

-Yes! Lol! I have several that are in my personal collection. To be honest, if it's a one of a kind pair, the need to let someone else love it reigns. This is truly art to me and I feel that it should be shared with the world.

What is your advice for women who are thinking of going into business for themselves selling art?

- 1) Believe in what you create and others will believe in you. 2) Know your worth. 3) Each obstacle will only make you stronger and wiser. You will thank them later. 4)You have to help someone else if you expect to be successful.

Helping others really is such a key. Especially as women, we have to stick together and do what we can for each other. Where can we buy your earrings, and do you take custom orders?

-Yes, we do take custom orders. You can find our complete inventory at or our website We have an ongoing coupon code to save you 10% off. The code is THANKS

You are a champion for natural hair. More and more wonderful ladies (and men!) are starting to embrace their natural texture. What is your advice for ladies who are considering letting their natural hair out in the world for maybe the first time?

-My favorite question. We as natural women in a world that doesn't accept it "wasn't" easy. First, you have to stand up even when you may want to cry. If you start believing you are naturally beautiful, you will see it. Then others will see it. Stand up! Let them know that you have made the right decision and comfortable with YOUR hair texture. Being natural changes many other things about you and I embrace it. The best decision ever.

I absolutely love that. What are some of your favorite products for natural hair?

-My favorite natural hair products are created by me and I have used them for over 3 years: Whipped Shea Butter Cream, Priscilla's Hair Mist (which is boiled herbs and oils in a water base), Almond Leave-in Conditioner (which is an oil based product) that is my hair serum. They can all be found on our Etsy shop.

Who do you think is really killing it hair-wise right now?

-Solange Knowles is killing it to the fifth power. Can't you just feel the power within her knowing she is rocking her fro? She is beautiful.

And finally, what is your current favorite:

Lipstick: Free Spirit Purple Haze Lip stain

Song: Bag Lady by Erykah Badu

Summertime drink: Lemonade with fresh spearmint

Favorite online store:


  1. Great post ! I have purchased many products from SheaKreations. ... Great brand for my natural coils.

  2. She is awesome! Very talented I must say!

  3. She made a "custom" pair of earrings that are extraordinary.


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