Thursday, July 2, 2015

Mind-Bogglingly Summer-Proof Must-Haves

I'm not a creature of fire and sand, that's for certain, though I sometimes dress up like Khaleesi. For as long as I can remember, I've always been drawn to autumn and winter, to cool temperatures and icy, ghostly bodies of water. (This really shows up in my novel, The Unlove Spell, dropping next June).

But no one can live in autumn paradise all 12 months of the year, no matter how hard one tries (and this one has tried). Sometimes it's going to be hot, sweaty, and uncomfortable. For me especially, a person who is a frenetic ball of energy and movement and walking and fidgeting, things can get pretty runny in the hot months. Eyeliner smudges waaay beyond that sexy smoky look, lipstick melts down my chin, and foundation turns into a streaky mess. Don't even get me started on raccoon eyes from errant mascara!

As a makeup lover, though, and someone who finds most of my physical artistic outlet through the color palettes of a great new trio of sparkly eye shadows, I have put in years of searching for the elusive unicorn of makeup-- sweat, heat, and watery-eyes resistant beauty supplies.

You can save yourself the years of struggle, though, by checking out these tested and proven recs:


I'm not sure how to explain how obsessed I am with this eyeliner. I bought it after hearing good reviews and being pleased with the Kat Von D Tattoo Concealer, but I feared that it might fall prey to the great watery-eyes debacle, just like every other eyeliner I've tried through the years. It's a liquid, which also made me a bit nervous at first, since my hands aren't the most steady.

Surprise, surprise, this eyeliner glides on smooth, it's easy to apply and, most importantly, IT STAYS IN ITS DAMN PLACE! Listen, if you don't believe me, check this out-- I applied this eyeliner at 8am on a hot May morning in New York City this year, from the third floor of my sketchy, AC-less Chinatown hotel room. I wore it through an 8 hour queue on the blazing NYC sidewalks to see my favorite band, Muse, in a tiny venue. I wore it from the front row of aforementioned Muse concert, through guitar solos and space-jam-rock-goodness. I wore it later that night with friends. I wore it even later that night when I metMatt Bellamy, my greatest creative hero (and inspiration for a character in another upcoming book, Dating an Alien Pop Star). I wore it through 1am drinks at a little pub that night. I wore it on a very long, winding and surreal walk back to Chinatown.

It stayed on. This stuff is an actual miracle. Buy three of them. I've talked at least 4 of my friends into buying the stuff, because it is the BEST LIQUID EYELINER THERE IS. It is Matt Bellamy proof.

(Matt Bellamy proof? WOW! That's powerful! Look at those eyes!)


Similar in levels of excitement to the Kat Von D eyeliner, the Roller Lash mascara has changed my life so much that I've stopped at least three strangers in Sephora when I saw them eyeing mascara, and told them to get this stuff. It is that good.

A very sweet Benefit lady demo-d it on me and I bought it on the spot. I have short, light lashes with no natural curl. As I mentioned before, my eyes are watery and my tears are, apparently, made of some chemical that must have been cooked up by the government or aliens, because it breaks down even the strongest waterproof 'scara. Not so with Roller Lash!

To be fair, I still curl my lashes when I wear this mascara, because there's nothing a fancy wand can do for some of us straight/short lashed people, but that doesn't matter. Once it's on, my lashes look long, beautiful, and they STAY that way throughout the day. I had given up on mascara years ago and would only wear it for very very very special occasions, but this has converted me to the mascara revolution. I'll be buying another one soon, because I've already almost killed this one off.

Plus the packaging is cute.
Oh, and... a side by side comparison of with/without Roller Lash.


I know many women have trouble finding a concealer that matches their skin tone and I am certainly among them. I'm so pale that the beauty market seems to think that there's no reason to make concealer/foundation for people who are clearly dead or English, but unlike most dead and/or English people, I still break out like a teenager even in my late 20s.

The Kat Von D concealer comes in a variety of shades, and the lightest one actually works for ghostly white people! I will say, there are not nearly as many choices in this line for folks with darker skin, unfortunately, but I hope they will add more shades! The coverage is just right, and it stays put, sun and sweat be damned. I'm obsessed. And just the tiniest dot in the world goes a very, very, very long way.


I'm a huge fan of glitter, to the point that I used to be called “Glitter Whore” among internet friends, back in the good old messageboard days. I would probably eat glitter if it was possible. (They make edible glitter for cakes, right? Yum)

But in the summer, eye shadow tends to crease and get yucky or make the valiant Hobbit-worthy journey from the safety of the Shire (my upper lid) to Sauron's backyard (below my eye). And if there's glitter in it? Good God, call Gandalf, because you're going to need him.

Thanks to Urban Decay, that doesn't have to be true any longer. Urban Decay makes the most magical eye shadows on the planet, the sparkly, beautiful, and long lasting Moondust colors. In the past, I would layer a bunch of different eye shadows from here and there and everywhere, hoping for the best, but Urban Decay has simplified my eye shadow process. Between their Asphyxia, Intergalactic, and Cosmic, I have a small arsenal of beautiful, diverse looks available at all times. They layer great with other eye shadows, and they make sure to keep to their designated area.

I hope that you summer haters (and lovers) can get some useful tips from this. Please let me know your opinions if you've tried any of these products or have some you'd like to add to the list! Good luck in the heat, babes, and make sure to hydrate while you're applying that fierce liquid eyeliner for your night out at the best concert ever.

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  1. Benefits They're Teal mascara also has great staying power, though doesn't offer much help with curl. And NYX soft matte lip creme is one of my must haves for the summer! They're like a liquid lipstick so they stay put AND they're inexpensive!


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