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Fäde Zu Grau: Project Runway, Dance-Offs and What's Next

There's some things about Project Runway that seem almost predictable at times- the drama queen that will stick around for three extra episodes than their talent deserves, just for the sake of some juicy content, for instance- but there are other moments that take you very much by surprise.

Throughout Project Runway's big 13th season, I had a few people pegged early on as finalists, and one of those was Fäde Zu Grau. Fäde's designs are consistently interesting and on trend with their pop-art messages, some snarky and some optimistic. Despite the (wacky) decision made by the judges, Fäde earned himself a place in the hearts and television sets (and computer screens) of Project Runway and fashion fans the world over. We all agree on one thing- he deserved more time on the show. I spoke with him recently about Project Runway and his plans for the future...

*You made all of your own clothes for the show, is that right?
 yes, i did! clothes and also the necklaces, bags, and most hats.

*Your decoy final collection was just incredible, with pop messages and denim details. Did you feel pressure while making the collection, or do you think you actually felt a level of relief that some of the other contestants didn’t feel, since you knew you were showing your clothes to the world, rather than just to the judges again?
definitely i felt the pressure making the collection. i actually had a hyperventilating moment [giggle] in the first week of working on it. that was a turning point and from then on i no longer tried to anticipate what anybody wants to see from me and started doing what i wanted to do. the pieces just flew off the sewing machine. i love every single look that i created.

*During the show, you seemed to never get enough airtime. Was there a lot that happened that we didn’t see, or are you just generally very quiet overall?
we had HIL-ariouzzz runway "walk off's" in the work room and even in the kitchen. i was teaching the models some dance moves with ridiculously amusing results. plus amanda, sean, alexander and i were often laugh/snorting our behinds off... lots of stuff but hardly anything made it into the episodes.

*That's really too bad. I feel like that sort of stuff is what we, as the viewers, want to see, more than the hyped up catfights! Speaking of which... Amid a lot of loud moments in Project Runway history-- on-screen engagements, catfights, photographers getting punched--- I would say your tearful admission that you’d be going home soon seemed like one of the heavier and more powerful ones. Was there a lot of pressure that led up to that moment, or did that challenge just really get under your skin?
coming from men's wear and only having a couple of weeks of experience in women's wear in preparation for the show i doubted myself too much throughout the challenges. in hindsight it's sooo silly but at the time it just kept building up until the moment i was auf'd.

*Despite an unfairly small amount of screen time, you picked up countless fans along the way, including many very vocal fans over at the Blogging Project Runway site. They all want to know the same thing- when will they be able to buy your clothes?
fans from around the world, yes. brazil, mexico, denmark, germany, venezuela... even in sweden people are watching project runway! i now get recognized at airports, hotel lobbies and nightclubs... sooo weird. i always take time for every single person that writes or approaches me. i very much appreciate their feedback. hopefully by the end of the year i've found an investor or bought the correct lotto ticket and this whole thing will take off. right now it is still too crazy to produce anything. but i keep all correspondence and will notify everybody who contacted me as soon as stuff becomes available.

*Please do! Though I have a feeling that list will be a very long list before long, as people the world over catch up on the season. Sometimes even a year later, new fans discover designers on the show. How can your fans help you, so you can create pieces they can buy?
the fans are FA-büløüzzz, but i think i need an investor to come forward. i really would like to work with local artists and don't have everything produced overseas on the backs of other people. the environmental impact of doing business like that also really bothers me so i like to support and work locally. i'm not in it to get rich, just being happy.

*What’s the best way for your fans to keep up with what you have going on?
facebook is probably the best way to keep up. also my website, where i will post everything from my fashion week collection with additional images especially from the back of each look. hardly anybody knows that i had an "x" theme going on the back but the only photos surfacing are from the front. everything will be shown on my site in more detail and close-ups. i'm also on instagram when i find the time and a little bit on twitter. though, i consider myself semi-intelligent, i still don't understand twitter! chuckle. just don't get it.

Finally, what's your current favorite:
my all-time favorite song is "malcolm mclaren feat. catherine deneuve - paris paris", the only song i can listen to for 17 hours on repeat without getting tired of it.

BUT... also, i just recently discovered "boom boom room - here comes the man", an 80's track that i MUST listen to every day at least 7934 times or i would feel incomplete. please help!

AND... a friend of mine just introduced me to "chvrches - now is not the time". sooo fabulous!

*Item of clothing (by you or by someone else):
almost daily i'm wearing an old white long-sleeve shirt with my "atheist' print on the front. many people come up and talk to me about it. not a single negative reaction so far. in person or even online. not that i have seen.

no time to look around, really... but i plan on gathering soon all that's out there now about me. most likely then i will come across some fab sites.

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