Sunday, September 7, 2014

Fashion Week

Last September I was in New York City in September for Mercedes Benz Fashion Week. My 3 1/2 days in the city were a whirlwind of fashion shows, long lines, rooftop parties, late-night drinks and meeting amazing new people. I snagged some freebies at the Lincoln Center and chatted with countless designers, models, makeup artists and photographers.

There's a certain "missing out" feeling one can't help experiencing when they attend Fashion Week one year and then don't get to return the next year. You see pictures of fabulous street fashion, you see celebrities making appearances, and you see gorgeous new collections from your favorite designers.

But Fashion Week got me thinking about all of the incredibly talented people I've spoken with over the last few years, though, and I plan to catch up with some of them here soon.

So watch this space! And enjoy all of the MBFW shots with me, hmmm?

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