Friday, October 3, 2014

A Moment With... Project Runway's Melissa Fleis

Melissa is truly a woman on the go, always up to her ears in creative work (making amazing clothes, snapping gorgeous pics for her instagram account, modeling aforementioned clothes, etc), and usually rocking some incredible shade of lipstick to boot.

I was able to track her down briefly to ask a few questions about her Defiant collection. If you haven't seen her Defiant collection, do yourself a favor and take a look right now. Right now! And drool away with me...

*The Defiant collection is just insane in the best possible way. It feels like you took every single one of your badass strengths and put them together into one. What was the spark or beginning point for this collection?

I think you actually nailed it right there! For me this collection was an accumulation of everything I wanted to wear within a week - both day, and night. It all can be styled in so many ways, depending upon the woman and her immediate needs. I love giving my clients that piece she can wear to death, time and time again. 

*Who is your customer for this collection?

This collection is for the woman who is defiant of fads and trends. She dresses to her own beat. She wants to look put together, while still being comfortable. She is not afraid of wearing the same thing multiple times a week. She is independent. She is cool. 

*Every time we talk, we have to talk makeup, since you’re a lipstick goddess. What lip colors are you really feeling for fall 2014?

I'm currently searching for a shade that is in between a blood orange and burnt orange hue. If anyone has a recommendation, please feel free to tweet it my way!

*What’s your best advice for curvy fashionable ladies who are heading into fall and want to look amazing?

Accentuate the curves you have been given, and layer appropriately. 

*Finally, where can we buy pieces from your incredible new collection?

You can purchase the new pieces through my website at, at Dish in Hayes Valley, Olivia in Los Altos, and Church in Los Angeles.

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