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Project Runway's Christopher Palu: Indiegogo, Nina Garcia, and Becoming an Internet Meme

Christopher Palu gives off the vibe of Project Runway royalty, between his indie-chic personal style and his cool attitude. If you think you don’t know Chris Palu yet, you definitely do… he’s the reason for the “it’s red!” meme that circled tumblr, facebook, twitter and every other form of social media last year. Chris is now working on an indiegogo project, but he took a few minutes to answer my questions about his gorgeous fashion illustrations, Nina Garcia’s judging, what he’s been listening to lately, and of course, how he feels about becoming an internet meme...

Q: It’s such an honor to have you, Chris! You have a huge fanbase and I’ve gotten a lot of requests to have you as a guest on the blog. So I’ll start out by asking- what would you like to say to your fans?

I would like to say thank you for the out-pour of love and support. Thank you, because without the public the show wouldn’t have the success it does.

Q: Your design sketches are just incredible. Have you ever considered compiling them for a book?

I have not. I have so many sketches I don’t know what I would want to compile into a book! However, I have always wanted to illustrate a children’s book. But it is definitely something to consider thank you!

Q: If you do that, I’ll be first in line to grab one. Now, you had a few tense moments on Project Runway when you stood up for yourself, which many of us found refreshing to see. What was the most intimidating moment on either season of PR that you participated in?

I mean…That whole Seaweed Green comment from Nina was very dramatic. I didn’t know how to accept/respond to her without throwing it back at her, so I said “Thank you “. Obviously I wasn’t thanking her for that comment I was thanking her for her critique which hadn’t been constructive and defeats the whole purpose of judging. Let me give you a bit of insight; Being on that Runway and having industry professionals judge your garment, and rip you apart while making all of the other judges laughing while doing so, is horrifying. It is a bad portrayal of the industry, it’s embarrassing and immature.

This isn’t high school where you can all point and laugh at something, and be the cool kids. We stand up there, we should be respected as adults and spoken to as professionals… I really feel that it can get a bit out of hand during critiques.

Q: Maybe it’s because I have such a flair for the dramatic, but I really loved your black feather dress for the season 10 avant-garde challenge. If you could go back and change anything about that dress now, would you change anything, or leave it exactly as you had it?

Thank you. I would change the fit of the bodice and make it overall a bit more interesting,dramatic and extravagant to fit the Avante Garde theme. Those time crunches really get you!

Q: Having met you briefly at Fashion Week, I can attest to your hair game being really strong. Would you say NYC inspires your personal style and art?

Absolutely, living in NY my whole life definitely inspired my style and taste. I love exciting luxury and all the rest that NY has to offer.

Q: What’s your greatest advice for curvy and plus-size fashionistas who want to look great?

Wear your size! No one wants to look like they are popping out of their skinny jeans or drowning in an ill fitting blazer. I would say find the best clothes that compliment your figure and buy your size! Things that cinch the waist always looks great on everyone especially curvier girls.

Q: Okay, you know I have to ask about this… your “it’s red” quote has been used on the internet in every way possible. As someone who grew up in the age of the internet, how do you feel about that? Have you ever had a surreal “Oh my God, I’ve become a meme!” moment?

I just see it like “oh there it is again.” I love that people found it funny because that was the height of the stress for me and I started to lose myself.

Q: What’s next for you, career-wise and how can your fans keep up with what you’re doing?

Right now I am building my own line Christopher Palu New York. I showed my Spring 2015 collection in Austin Texas and currently have a crowd funding Indiegogo Campaign set up for the public to help me out in Producing this collection.

You can find it here and every little bit helps! There are even a couple of fun perks to choose from to receive a fun personalized gift!

Q: Awesome! So everyone can check that out, support you and even get a little something in exchange. Very cool. Finally, what song are you really grooving out to lately?

I don’t really have a specific song, I love my Spotify and listening to the Infinite Indie Playlist!

Thank you, Chris!

Here’s “So Now You Know” by the Horrors, an amazing song featured on Spotify’s Infinite Indie Playlist.

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