Monday, August 3, 2015

DIY Versace-esque Flower Crown

If you were anything like me, you were obsessed with those absolutely gorgeous flower crowns the ladies on the Versace runway were wearing this season. The dresses were heavenly, the styling perfect, but those flower crowns... gah.

(An actual gif of me looking at Instagram shots of the Versace show.)

Being the very DIY/crafty (cheapskate) fashionista that I am, I decided immediately I MUST have a beautiful flower crown of my own to wear to important events like shopping at the grocery store, going to the movie theater, and meeting with my book editor. So of course I sat down with supplies and got to work.

Six hours of painful wire-wrapping, swearing under my breath, and praying for a miracle later, I had something quite beautiful on my hands.


This baby is up for SALE! Feel free to comment on what you think of this recreation!

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