Sunday, August 2, 2015

Spotlight On.... Smart Bomb Cosmetics

About half a year ago, I was first introduced to the lushly decorated, gorgeously stocked Glam356 in Columbus, OH. The shop is full of dresses, jewelry, accessories, old fashion magazines, enough sparkly things to excite a magpie, and stunningly beautiful ladies shopping or working. Quite frankly, you feel like a Kardashian just from stepping into the shop.

Laura, the beautiful brains behind the brand, owns not just Glam356, but two other stores, and her own cosmetics line, Smart Bomb. I talked with her recently about Smart Bomb, and about her shops. Continue reading for her advice for women who want to open a boutique, and lots of insider information about her good-for-you skincare and cosmetics...

First off--- Smart Bomb Cosmetics. We have to talk about Smart Bomb. The packaging! The delicious smells! The colors! How long ago did you launch Smart Bomb?

- I launched Smart Bomb cosmetics about 6 years ago. I wanted a line that was really great for the skin & really fun to look at when applying the products.

(Just look at those beauties! Gimme gimme gimme!)

If a woman could only order one product from Smart Bomb, what must she ABSOLUTELY have?

- - My absolute must have product is my Elixirs. They are a moisturizer & a makeup primer in one product. These elixirs transform the skin to be healthy, radiant looking & extends the wear of your makeup.

The logo and packaging are to die for. Seriously, I want a t-shirt of it or something. So so so chic. But what's inside is even better. Tell us a little about what makes Smart Bomb such a safe and special choice in skincare and cosmetics?

- I created Smart Bomb cosmetics because of dealing with my clients & myself that had skin conditions that needed extra care (such as acne, aging & problematic skin conditions.) I created a line that is TALC & Bismuth Oxychloride free. I found when I put my clients on Smart Bomb products and their own personalized regimen, the skin dramatically improved the way it looked and performed. Once they see & feel the difference they are hooked.

Your lipsticks are amazing. Do they work for women of all skin tones?

-My lipsticks are created to look amazing on all skin tones. I have everything from a light nude color to vibrant red & everything in between.
You are also, of course, a store owner with two locations. Why did you decide to open your shops, and what is the vibe you're going for at those shops?

- I now have 3 locations. I opened my first boutique about 15 yrs ago. I wanted to share my love of all things glamorous and posh. I filled my store with clothing, beauty, and accessories. Women loved the combination of these items in one location ( one stop boutique shopping ).
I wanted to create the vibe of a really glamorous, sincerely happy place for women to shop.

You definitely achieved that; I always feel like even the Kardashians would be proud of your shop, since it really does have EVERYTHING! But okay... I've mentioned this to you before; I'm obsessed with your glamorous Marilyn Monroe-esque blonde hair! How do you keep your hair so beautiful and sparkling blonde?

- Oh you are so sweet Ms. Kendra ! I was born a blonde and have had much help over the years to keep it that way (;
I have naturally wavy hair but prefer to wear it straight. I try to not use too much heat on it and allow it to air dry whenever possible. I use a really good leave in conditioner on my hair after washing it and I like to use baking soda& vinegar at least once a week on my hair to get rid of all the hair spray & product build up.

Oooh, I might have to try that then! What is your advice for women who are thinking of opening a shop?

- Make sure that having a boutique is truly your passion. There are many wonderful things about being your own boss but make sure that you have a well thought out game plan for success. My best piece of advice is to fill your boutique with items that you are truly in love with. Create your own vibe and atmosphere. Do not try to replicate someone else’s look. Stay true to your likes and individuality when it comes to creating your environment. Be passionate, be your authentic self and you will succeed.

How can people order Smart Bomb?

- Smart Bomb Cosmetics is available @
I have a special place on my website called “ The Smarty Hotline.” Please feel free to ask any questions that you may have. I am here to help you find your smart, glamorous self!

Finally, what is your current favorite:

Online store:- It is a website with the BEST boutiques from all over the world. Of course my boutique GLAM356 is found on this site at (;

Song:- Honey I’m Good -by Andy Grammer. This song is about being happy with your spouse and I LOVE my hubby <3

City for visiting/vacationing: -Miami

Summertime drink:- Grapefruit Shandy by Illusive Traveler

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