Thursday, February 2, 2017

MUA February: Carolann Smith


Your name: Carolann Smith 
Your IG: thesmithskeeper
Your Twitter:@carolannMUA16

Where are you from? Louisiana 

What made you fall in love with makeup and beauty?
I fell in love with makeup because of all the possibilities. I love transforming myself from an average joe to a flawless beauty. 

What is your go-to moisturizer?
 Elf daily moisturizer 

Matte lips or lip gloss?
Definitely matte lipstick! 

What time period in beauty do you most wish you could live in for a few days
Most definitely the 50's

Favorite beauty IGs to follow: trendmood, mannymua, nikkituotials, makeup by jack, amichellebeauty there's so many more, but too many to list. 

Best way for fans to keep up with what you're doing
I'm starting my YouTube channel soon!! Simplyaddicted will be my name! I plan on uploading a video a week and blog everyday I'm so excited but other then that, Instagram. 

What is your advice for plus sized fashionistas who want to look and feel fabulous?
Considering I don't see size, color, or gender when I think of someone looking fabulous I encourage all to just be confident in who you are. 

What can we do, right now, to make the world a better place?
Honestly we all need to get along! 

What's your favorite...
Red lipstick? Marc jacobs dashing 206 very cherry
Song, currently? Love on the brain - Rihanna
Website for buying beauty? Sephora is my go to! 
Nail polish? Opi gel

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