Friday, February 3, 2017

MUA February: Courtney Peterson

Name: Courtney Peterson
IG: @cocobeatit_
Twitter: @lavidecoco_

Where are you from?
I'm from Chicago, Il. 

What made you fall in love with makeup?
The versatility of makeup made me fall in love with it. The power that it can make people feel empowered, and show their beauty, also has been a major factor in my obsession with makeup. 

What is your go-to moisturizer?
My go to moisturizer is Nourish and Shine by Jane Carter. My skin is very dry and it gives me a lot of moisture and a silky feeling to my skin. Also it doubles for hair, and thats a wonderful bonus, because of my natural hair!  

Matte lips, or lipgloss?
Matte Lipstick is everything to me. I like when I can wear it all day and it doesn't feather on my bottom lip. And it is non-transferable ! 

What time period in beauty do you most wish you could live in for  a few days?
I will always say I wish I could've lived in the 1700's era of Marie Antoinette and King Louis. I absolutely love the pastel colors, the art and the SUPREME BLUSH! It's such a staple, along with the beauty mark. I know it's way different but I love studying that era in history! 

Favorite beauty IGs to follow:
My favorite Beauty IG's to follow are @celia_leslie, @aaliyahjay & @goldenbih 

Best way for fans to keep up with what you're doing?
Through my instagram @cocobeatit_ and my youtube which is @LifewithCourt. 

What is your advice for plus sized fashionistas who want to look and feel fabulous?
Find the silver lining in everything that happens. I love and accept who I am . I love to stay positive even when it doesn't seem like there is anything to smile about. I just do it. Stay fearless! 

What can we do, right now, to make the world a better place?
To make our world a better place, we should uplift ourselves. I feel that we should change the way the younger generation perceives us. I use my social media platform to show that there is more to me than showing my body. I believe as women we should be better role models and think before we act and change the perception that we only care about our outer features, rather than what's inside of us. Encourage each other more. Implementing positivity is always a must, and I feel we sometimes lack that whether we are male or female. It's essential that we all reach for higher standards for ourselves and do not settle for less than we deserve. 

Favorite red lipstick: BeautyByRudy Wildfire; it is perfectly pigmented and glossy lipstick.
Favorite song: Team by Lorde, I honestly keep her whole album Pure Heroine on repeat everyday.
Favorite website for buying beauty: No website, I prefer to be at a store seeing the product and swatching it. I don't like ordering online for any beauty related products unless I really have to.
Favorite nail polish: Currently chrome. Any color chrome, by the way. It's my favorite and it lasts so long without chipping, if done the right way. I get so many compliments too!

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