Wednesday, February 1, 2017

MUA February: Fern-Lianne Kent

Your name: Fern-Lianne Kent 
Your IG: Fern.Lianne
Your Twitter: Beautywithfern

Where are you from?
Suffolk, UK

What made you fall in love with makeup and beauty?
I absolutely love the confidence that makeup can give you and for me, it's time for yourself. Kind of like therapy. I had always had an interest in beauty so I went on to train in beauty as a profession. I love how you can make someone feel beautiful and confident. 

What is your go-to moisturizer? 
I actually really love Mario Badescu or Bravura moisturisers. 

Matte lips or lip gloss?
Definitely matte lipsticks. I can't stand my hair getting stuck to the lip gloss. 

What time period in beauty do you most wish you could live in for a few days?
 1950's - I love the effortlessness look. 

Favorite beauty IGs to follow:

Best way for fans to keep up with what you're doing?
My Instagram page

What is your advice for plus sized fashionistas who want to look and feel fabulous?
Size doesn't matter, there is beauty in everyone. The thing that you might not like in yourself, might be the exact thing that somebody loves about you. Embrace your differences. 

What can we do, right now, to make the world a better place?
Be kind, be positive and when you meet someone, find something to compliment them on. 

What's your favorite...
Red lipstick? Gerard cosmetics immortal liquid lipstick
Song, currently? Bruno Mars - Finesse
Website for buying beauty? Beauty bay! 
Nail polish? I use Gel polish, so I'd say The Gel Bottle. Inc

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