Wednesday, February 8, 2017

MUA February: Tory Barefield

Your name: Tory Barefield
Your IG: @torybarefield_makeup
Your Twitter: I don't have twitter!
Where are you from? Texas!

What made you fall in love with makeup and beauty?
I've always loved things all makeup and beauty. My mom and older sister definitely were a huge influence on my makeup journey.

What is your go-to moisturizer?
High end- Clinique Dramatically Different Moisturizing Lotion+
Drugstore- Neutrogena Oil Free Moisturizer for combination skin.

Matte lips or lip gloss?
I love the look of matte lips!, but hate the feeling! So definitely glossy!

What time period in beauty do you most wish you could live in for a few days?
The 60's! I love everything about the mod makeup, fashion, and even hair!

Favorite beauty IGs to follow:

Best way for fans to keep up with what you're doing?
Definitely snapchat or Instagram. My snapchat is tory.barefield

What is your advice for plus sized fashionistas who want to look and feel fabulous?
Fuck what society claims is beautiful. It's YOUR body, your happiness. KEEP DOING YOU!

What can we do, right now, to make the world a better place?
End the hate. End the violence. We as people, shouldn't be afraid to walk down
the street solely because of our race, religion, or sexuality. It's sickening.
What can we do right now to make the world a better place? Love. Learn to love

What's your favorite...
Red lipstick? I hate red lipstick!
Song, currently? I can't name just one song. I listen to everything from rap, to pop, to country, to 90s boy bands.
Website for buying beauty? Sephora or Ulta, they have everything!
Nail polish?
OPI "To Be Continued..."
OPI "Rose Against Time"
OPI "In Pursuit of Purple"
OPI "Withstands The Test of Thyme"
... anything by OPI.

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